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The Metal Clan

Patching things up with Asami meant things went back to normal. At least, what was normal before that one night. Asami didn't hang out with Korra in every break, but the latter was perfectly content with that. She went to hang out with Korra in the lunch break, which was the longest one, and with her classmates in the short break at ten fifteen.

-"So anyway, I was thinking," Asami started, but Korra interrupted her. "Oh dear." Asami got the 'really?' expression on her face, and Korra couldn't help the innocent raised shoulders. "Couldn't resist."

-"Anyway, now that you have your head back in the game, do you want to pick up tutoring again?"

"Well, yeah, but I still don't know anything about the Civil War. Isn't time starting to be an issue for you?"

"Well, actually, that has always been my concern. After you essentially disappeared on me, I waited for a while. I was hoping that we would be able to fix things, but when you didn't come through, my father reminded me that I was on the clock. So I looked up some sort of mediator company who delivered a history student specializing in the Civil War. Guy called Wan. He's not too bad, bit of a douchebag, but he's good at what he does. Still, we've got the rest of World War II to finish."

Korra was slightly taken aback by this. "You actually wanted it to happen so much that you waited for me?"

Asami smiled. "Yeah, of course I did. I mean, we might not have been friends for long, but I really enjoyed the time we spent together. Even if it was on a platonic basis."

How in the fucking world? Gandhi would have given up on your ass! Korra gave her a nudge with the shoulder. "Thank you. Of course we can pick it up again. Whenever you're ready, just give me a call."

At precisely that moment, Korra's phone rang. It was Opal. She looked at Asami. "Do you mind?"

-"No, no, not at all."

She picked up. "Hey, sweetie."

-"Hey, Korra. Listen, I was thinking-"

Korra couldn't resist interrupting her as well. "You too?" Asami grinned.

Opal stayed silent for a little while. "Anyway, I was planning on going to the gym after school tomorrow, and I was wondering if you would like to come with me."

"The gym? I don't know Opal, I'd love to hang out with you but... that's not really my kind of thing."

-"Maybe not on your own, but with someone it's a lot more fun. Plus, it'll be good for you, your parents might approve, and I've got all expenses covered. I'll explain later, I'm kind of on the clock here. Do you know the large white building with neon lettering near my place?"

"Yeah, I think so."

-"That's the place. What time do you get off?"

Any time you can get me to. "Uhh, 2:30."

-"Great, means we're only apart fifteen minutes or so. See you there?"

"Yeah, I'll meet you there."

-"Okay, I gotta go, bye sweetie!"


As she hung up, Asami got an inquiring look on her face. "Gym date?"

Korra grinned. "Yeah. Never really did anything like that, but it would be a decent replacement for tennis."

-"Yeah, you stopped coming out of nowhere. Last time I saw you there, you nearly ran someone down."

She remembered why, and decided it to be better not to share that information. "I guess."

-"But seriously, you two are already on a 'sweetie'-basis? It took me forever to get Mako to respond to something like that."

Korra chuckled. "Well, Mako always needed a boostie-up to get to stuff like that. He's a real sweetheart on the inside, but sometimes, you have to crowbar it out of him."

Asami laughed. "Now that you put it like that, it kind of makes sense. I'll try it."

"Don't tell him I put you up to it," Korra laughingly warned her.

The rest of the break and the next day were full of anticipation. Korra informed her parents that Opal had invited her to the gym, and they actually found it kind of nice that someone other than themselves managed to get enough leverage over Korra to get her to exercise. Korra packed the only clothes she could wear to the gym in her car, and went to the building Opal described after school.

It was god-ugly, the most tasteless white brick money could buy, and the combination of pink and red neon only made it worse. She parked at the end of the lot, not looking forward to going into the gym. Why the fuck am I even here? I have the condition of a fat trucker, and I'm going with Opal, who's closer akin to a freaking racehorse!

Just as she contemplated calling her girlfriend off, said girl knocked on her window. Korra was met with an adorable smile and those massive emerald eyes. Right. That's why.

-"Hey, glad you found the place!" She gave Korra a quick kiss. "Why'd you park all the way back here? The entire lot is empty."

Korra didn't really know what to say. "Yeah... I, ehh, I don't like dents in my car." Liar. This car already has more dents in it than the far side of the moon.

But Opal brushed it off. "Want to go inside?"

Korra nodded, got her stuff out of the back, and they walked across the lot. Opal started to explain how she ended up here. "My parents renovated our house about ten years ago, and there was a discussion whether or not we wanted to turn one of the rooms into a gym. My mother discovered this place, only ten minutes by bike from our house. So she started going here, until it nearly went bust in the crisis. The bank was about to impound the building, but my mom stopped them and bought it. She made a deal with the owner to keep this place open. He only has to pay utilities, but if he ever needs anything metal related, he goes to us. That, and the Beifong logo has to be plastered on like, every wall, but that was a sacrifice he would gladly make."

Korra was deeply impressed. "Wow, That's a pretty neat story." Opal nodded, and Korra continued. "I considered the gym before I was forced to play tennis, but the memberships are pretty damn expensive."

-"Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Every Beifong and everyone brought in by a Beifong gets a lifelong free pass."

They walked inside, and Opal walked to the front desk. A fat man in his fifties with massive sideburns walked out of the door behind them when Opal rang the bell. His hair was perfectly white, and so were his sideburns. They should have considered this guy to play one of the White Wizards in The Lord of the Rings. "Ah, Opal, how nice to see you again. Didn't catch you the last few times you were here."

-"Busy times, I'm sure, Toza. Listen, do you think you could get Korra here a membership?"

Toza smiled. "Of course." He ducked under the desk, and came back up with a paper and handed it to Korra. "Just fill in the form, and it'll be ready in a week. You don't have to bother with the debit card number, I got that covered. Anything for a Beifong. Until then, I'll just remember your face."

"Thanks, that's very kind of you." Korra sat down on the bench beside the desk to fill it in. Opal was kind of eager to get going. "Listen Korra, I'm going to get changed. Dressing rooms are straight along the hall, first door left. See you in a minute!"

With that, she was off. Korra quickly filled out the form, and handed it over to Toza. "Is she always this eager to get started on her workout?"

-"Mostly. From what I understand, this is her way of blowing off steam."

"Well, thank you again."

He walked back into the office, and Korra walked over to the dressing rooms. Opal was already gone. She changed into a loose black and pink tank top, the shorts and shoes that she wore to tennis practice, and ventured inside the mostly empty gym. It was what Korra had expected it to be: large and open, with some machines that looked more suitable for a medieval torture chamber, or maybe Guantanamo Bay, come to think of it, a large mirror on one end and large banners with the logo of Beifong Metal Works on every other wall.

That was when she spotted Opal.




Opal looked... amazing. She was dressed in black yoga pants that didn't even reach down to her knees, and her skimpy green top left her belly exposed. Her body was gorgeously toned, muscles showing through the skin, especially on her legs. Her abs left a pattern on her stomach, not in a scary way, but just enough to be smokin' hot. I would give my left leg to run my tongue down those abs. To make the sight even more sexy, Opal was doing her pre-workout stretches.

All of this made Korra even more aware how badly out of shape she was.

-"Earth to Korra," she heard Opal say, and was snapped from her fantasies about her girlfriend. Opal giggled. "I know that look. Enjoying the view?"

"I'll say..." It took a moment before Korra had caught up with what she just said, and when she did, it she slammed her hand on her mouth and blush like crazy again.

-"Well, your face doesn't need a warming up anymore. How about you get started on the rest?"

Trying to save herself from further embarrassment, which was much to Opal's amusement judging by the massive grin on her face, Korra nodded set to work stretching her muscles. Under Opal's careful tutelage, she warmed up, and compared to her, was about as flexible as a rake. Opal effortlessly placed her hands flat on the floor without bending her knees, Korra couldn't even touch her shoes without doing that.

She went on cycling a couple of miles, before Opal convinced her to try the ergometer. Great. Rowing. Just what I need to kill off the rest of my leg muscles.

Korra and Opal continued exercising for what felt like forever. By the time Opal said they were done, Korra felt like she had just dug her own grave, and was now ready to occupy it. But it was satisfactory, if anything. Korra felt kind of proud of herself. Opal shared the thought. "You know Korra, I'm impressed."

Korra looked over. "What do you mean?"

-"You held yourself up pretty well, given that you told you have never set foot in a gym before."

"Well, when you put it like that..." Korra said with a sly grin.

-"Tell you what, why don't we take a shower, and then we go back to my place. We're having roast chicken for dinner, and it's always too much, even when I feel like I could eat a horse. You should stay over. Chicken is excellent post-workout food."

"Sounds good. I'm going to have to call it in, though."

They went back to the dressing room, and occupied a separate shower cabin each to rid themselves of considerable BO. Afterwards, Korra texted her mother again: "Opal invited me for dinner. Okay with you?"

-"Yes. Be home by ten."

Meh, could be worse.

Korra was a quicker dresser than Opal, and waited for her in the lobby, where quickly came out. Korra tossed her the car keys. "Got the green light from my mom, and you're driving."

-"And why is that?"

"Because my car is a manual and I can't feel my legs, thanks to your workouts."

-"Fine. But I'm not bringing the car here. It was your choice to park at the far end of the lot," Opal said as she took Korra's hand.

Fuck. She's right. "Thank you for reminding me. Want to get going?"

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