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Korra opened her eyes, and was met with the whitest bed linens she had ever seen. She was lying on her right side, looking out a pair of open balcony doors, behind which lay a pearl white beach and an azure blue ocean. A gentle morning breeze carried in the lightly saline air of the sea. She rolled onto her back, not wondering where she was.

She realized she was not exactly dressed in her typical pajamas, which consisted of an old Age of Empires-shirt and a pair of the softest pants money could buy. Instead, she was dressed in white lacy lingerie, off-setting her tanned skin like nothing else could. I don't remember owning this. Hmm, must have slipped my mind.

-"Good morning."

The voice came from the left, and it was clear to Korra who it was. She rolled onto her left side, and saw Asami standing there, dressed identically to Korra, save for one thing: her lingerie was black, making it a stunning contrast to her pale, flawless skin. She was leaning against the wall with one hand, had the other in her side and her hip cocked. A sly grin lined her face, and her hair was draped loosely over her shoulders. Motherfucker that's hot. I mean, WOW.

Korra let her eyes glide over Asami's body, taking in every visible inch of her long, slender legs, her perfect hourglass figure, her beautifully proportioned breasts, her long, raven black hair, her stunning face, her emerald eyes, everything.

Asami slowly walked over to Korra, her hips seductively swaying with each step she took. Korra felt a surge of heat racing through her core as Asami came closer. When she had reached the bed, she pushed Korra gently onto her back by the shoulders, climbing on top of her in the process, one leg on either side of Korra's hips.

Korra was now in full view of Asami's large breasts, barely contained by the black lace. She felt her own panties slowly dampen, as Asami let herself descend onto Korra's body, until their faces were tantalizingly close together.

-"You know you want this. Do it. I'm all yours," Asami whispered, so seductively, the wall would have jumped out for her if it could. Korra didn't resist. She couldn't resist. She cocked her head slightly up, and Asami leaned down just a little more, until their lips met. Korra wrapped her arms around the pale girl, as Asami pushed her tongue past Korra's lips, before slowing pulling back again. She gently nibbled on Korra's bottom lip, driving her even more insane for the girl in black.

My God, this girl is going to be the end of me.

Asami's tongue darted past Korra's lips again, exploring what felt like the furthest regions of her mouth. Korra let out a gentle moan, prompting Asami to break the kiss. Korra opened her eyes, and was met with a pair of emerald ones, sparkling with a tease that was unmistakable. Asami moved down, kissing her jaw and working down to Korra's neck. She gently bit into the skin, sending a surge of electricity through her body. Korra closed her eyes again, as she let out another gentle moan.

Suddenly, the lips broke contact, and Korra opened her eyes again. It was no longer Asami, but Mako on top of her. He rolled the two of them over so that Korra was now on top.

-"I thought you were a better friend than this," he hissed, while he let something cold slide down her spine. "Let's see how this feels to you." Korra suddenly felt a stabbing pain going through her back, as she realized Mako had thrust a knife into her back.

She shot upright, panting heavily. Korra no longer bathed in the morning glow and the saline scent. It was dark around her, and she was no longer in the white bed. The white lingerie had been replaced with her typical Age of Empires-shirt and her pajama pants. She tried to process everything that had just happened. A quick look around told her that she was back in her own room.

It was all just a dream. At first Korra was relieved at the realization, until she felt the same heat coming from her core. She stuck a hand down her pants, and felt that her panties were definitely soiled. Well, what do you expect when someone that hot makes out with you, even if it is in a dream?

She let that thought sink in as well, and when it finally hit her, it hit hard. Jesus H. fuck no...

Korra didn't know what to think. She let herself fall back onto her bed and closed her eyes. All that was going through her head was the image of Asami and her goddess-like body, leaning against the wall, hip cocked, and with that sly grin on her face.

Don't do it... Don't do it...

Lust stronger than willpower, she ripped the sheets aside, and stuck her hand down her pants, and started rubbing the sensitive nub until she could barely feel it through all her natural lubricant. It didn't take long. What did you expect? Asami gave you a head start, so to speak. Desperate, she stuck her middle finger inside of her, which almost was enough to finish her off. Almost.

As she felt the heat racing through her chest, Korra closed her eyes again, and the image of the barely-dressed Asami instantly sprung to mind. That did it for Korra. The surge of heat made its way to the furthest reaches of her body, and she forced herself to roll over. "Oh my God, Asami..." Korra moaned into the pillow, electricity racing through her body, until she rolled back, allowing herself to come around again.

The realization that she had just gotten herself off to not only one of her closest friends, but her best friend's girlfriend nearly reduced her to tears. Mako's dream-counterpart was right. I am stabbing him in the back with this.

She covered her eyes with her still clean hand, desperately fighting back the tears. She took a few deep breaths, and granted herself some time to take in what a lousy friend she had just been.

Now more collected, she started to realize the hows and whats this implied. First off, she was falling for Asami and falling hard. Korra would have to come forward with this to her at some point. "Hey Asami, listen, I just had the hottest dream where we were making out, then Mako showed up and killed me, waking me up, but I made myself come like a fucking howler-monkey to you anyway." Yeah. That should go over real well.

Second, what was she going to tell Mako? Nothing, that much was for sure. At least for the time being. Ignorance is bliss, so to speak. Third, what was she going to tell her parents? If this wasn't just because of Asami going all Black Widow on Tahno, she was properly fucked.

You wish she had.



Regardless, this was something she needed to figure out, and preferably fast. Her parents were staunch conservatives, this would be a pretty good reason for them to lock her up and throw away the key.

But hard as she thought, Korra just couldn't figure out what to tell them. She had always been more liberal towards gay people than her parents had been, but didn't really count on it hitting this close to home. Again, for the time being at least, lock that shit away.

She looked at the alarm clock. 3:56. Sunday morning. You have a little over one day to figure out what you're going to tell her, or it will be one hell of an awkward day at school tomorrow.

Korra tried for a while, but her mind wasn't working properly. Back to sleep it is. She tried, but just ended up tossing and turning until the clock read 8:00. Still tired, she went down to the kitchen anyway.

Her mother was already up, making coffee. The smell made her at least a little more comfortable.

-"Good morning."

"Hmm." Korra didn't feel like giving a real reply.

-"Didn't sleep well? You haven't been drinking have you?"

Understate much? "No, I just couldn't sleep. Probably the caffeine of the Cola last night."

She made herself a bowl of cereal, before removing herself from the kitchen to avoid further conversation with her mother.

The rest of the day passed in a blur. No good thoughts on the issue at hand popped into her mind. By the time Korra went to bed, she still didn't have something to try and ease the awkwardness that would undoubtedly ensue between her and Asami.

The following morning, that thought would prove to be frighteningly accurate.

When she walked into the school, she got a sidelong glance of Asami chatting with a couple of her classmates. She was dressed in ankle high black boots, black legging, a short, shocking pink dress and a small black vest.

Goddamn, she's gorgeous.



Korra felt her face flush. She quickly walked off in the wrong direction, making sure Asami wouldn't see her. Before she really knew what she was doing, Korra was climbing up the stairs of the B-wing. Reaching the furthest corner on the third floor, she let herself sink onto the ground and let her head rest on her hands as it fully sunk in.

I'm in love with Asami.

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