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Team Player
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December 10, 2014 - April 11, 2015






Korra's life is uneventful until a new girl shows up out of the blue, making Korra question herself and the life around her. Legend of Korra AU. [KorraxAsami], [KorraxOpal]. The cover art was made by AvatarKya. Rated M for a surplus of swearing and explicit sex scenes.

I don't make that last comment lightly. Especially the swearing will get harsh right down from the get go, and the sex parts will come into their own later on in the plot. If you think you are or would be offended by either or both of these things, don't read it. I don't have a gun to your head, the only one making the choice to read it is you. It's that simple.



Over the past few weeks, a series of ideas worked their way into my head, and they won't leave unless I write them down. Therefore, I have decided to write a few one-shots taking place in the Team Player universe. They will mostly focus on a bit of Korpal fluff, and won't have any significant character development, or even add anything real to the existing story. If you enjoyed the story and want more, great, there is, but if you want to leave it at chapter 34, you won't miss anything spectacular.

Anyway, here follows a list of said one-shots:


I'm actually writing this here and making stuff up as I go along. This means that unfinished chapters that are liable to change will be published here, and not until I am satisfied will they be published on FFN. Easy. I also add personal annotations on it in post-editing, meaning proper spell check, rewording, author's notes, and so on. The result is that the version here on the Wiki is always ever so slightly inferior to the version on FFN.

As to the question why I keep the story proper on user pages instead of regular fanon pages is down to policy. As far as I have been able to work out, I am allowed to make this page with the links, but not the pages with the M-rated content themselves as typical fanon chapters.

Special thanks goes out to Tono555 for nominating it for Featured Fanon and for doing an interview with me about this story.


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Team Player
Act I
Dinner and a MovieThe Green BentleyPropositionMeet the ParentsBlack WidowBlack and White
Act II
New Year, New StartConfessionBlind DateNight's WatchOut of the Frying PanChiseledThe Metal Clan
And Into the FireExtinguishedEmergency RepairsReinforcementsHome of the BraveHappy Birthday
Act IV
House of CardsReady, Fire, AimWell and TrulyRude AwakeningHome AloneDriveGetaway
Act V
Unfinished BusinessPeacekeeperRisky BusinessHoneyPublic ScrutinySkeletons in the Closet
Act VI
Up, Up, and AwayBest Vacation Ever
The Naval ObservatoryMuch Ado About NothingPepper and Cyanide

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