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Team Lotus
Team Lotus
General information


Notable members
  • Lear
  • Hira
  • Defeat Azula
  • Help and support Team Avatar

Team Lotus is a group of four teenagers that have the purpose of support and help Team Avatar, defeat Azula and her team and stop the revolution in the world. The group consists of Lear, son of King Bumi, Hira, son of Jeong Jeong, Sokka and Toph, former members of Team Avatar.



The mission of stop the revolution in Capital City was given to Lear and Hira by the Order of the White Lotus. After some days, they accomplished their mission and decided to help Team Avatar separately, with the purpose of capture and defeat Azula. In the chapter "With a Little Help from My Friends", Sokka and Toph joined them, this was the moment of the formation of the whole group and the moment of the invention of its name by Sokka.




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