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Team Avatar was certain that another journey was about to begin. This, would be another unpleasant journey also. Azula, was worried whether or not Zuko would forgive her for her past. Shiungi, was happy that she was finally going to see her son. Ty Lee, was happy to once again see her homeland since she'd been training at Kyoshi Island for a long time. Mai, was concerned about Zuko's fate after the Savior invasion.

While flying on Appa across the Fire Nation waters, Sokka prepared an invasion plan on a scroll and designed the positions of all Zuko's allies. Sokka, then neatly placed it into his bag. The team traveled for hours. When they finally reached the Fire Nation Capital, it was dark night. The skies seemed black with little orange glowing lamps in the volcano.

They saw the Fire Nation Palace, and Zuko's guards. After the War, Zuko had hired a team of elite firebenders and earthbenders to guard him. The royal guard group was known as the Salvor Team. The Salvor Team escorted Team Avatar to Zuko. Fire Lord Zuko, was wearing a night robe and had his hair all messy-like.

Zuko greeted the team. Zuko had a large smile on his face. Then suddenly, Azula walked out of the dark. Zuko then yelled to his prison guards and shot a lightning blast at Azula. However, she quickly redirected into the sky through a small window at the roof. Zuko said, "Azula, I can almost assure you that this will be your last glance of light. In fact, it will be the last glance at the world." He then called the Salvor Team to arrest her and do away with her. That was when Mai shot skilletos at the guards. "Zuko, I'll explain everything to you, and meanwhile leave Azula alone" shouted Mai. Mai then sat with Zuko and explained everything. Shiungi then assure to Zuko that it was real. She housed Azula after escaping th Mental Facility. Zuko was convinced that it was true. Especially because even Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph assured him. So he then apoloized to the Salvor Team.

Then Mai hugged him. "Mai, what happened, weren't you supposed to be the bay's beach" Zuko said. "Zuko, I don't know how but two of your guards arrested me and brain-washed my under the Fire Lord Bunker. Then they took to a prison where these guys saved me" responded Mai.

Sokka and Zuko

Sokka tries to cheer up Zuko.

Sokka, then had a talk with Zuko privately. He explained to them about the rebels organization's plot to invade in the morning and kill him. Zuko started to cry, and then felt hopeless. He told Sokka, that if anything ever happened to him after the invasion, Sokka to be appointed temporary Fire Lord. Sokka was appreciative of the request and honor. However, he tried to cheer up Zuko. Then Sokka, showed Zuko the plans and positions. Zuko agreed, and told Sokka "Sokka, you still have it in ya."

After the conversation, he gave an emergency speech to his loyal troops and allies. He said, to not worry, that if Zuko wins and captures these "monsters", he would eliminate them. He then explained to his allies that the plan was to keep or draw back the Savior forces. His troops then scrambled and prepared the forces.

Zuko and Mai then went back to their room to talk. Suddenly, Shiungi opened the door. She nervously asked Zuko if she could meet her son. "What's his name?" asked Zuko. "His name is Choi," said Shiungi. Zuko knew who he was and took Shiungi to Choi's room. After that he went back to the room with Mai.

"Oh my son," cried Shiungi. "Mother, is that you, OH, it is!" cried Choi. At last they were finally united. Shiungi was happy, Aang and Katara were also conversing in their room, and Sokka and Toph snoored in their room. Everyone prepared, for what would be a long and furious battle tomorrow.

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