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Team Avatar and friends
Team Avatar
General information

Aang, Sokka

Notable members
  • Aang
  • Katara
  • Sokka
  • Toph Bei Fong
  • Zuko
  • Mai
  • Suki
  • Ty Lee
  • Reeaki

Aang, Katara, Sokka




Four nations


To ensure the world remains at peace.

In The Weatherbenders, Team Avatar continues to function as a traveling group consisting of Avatar Aang and his friends.



Team Avatar formed late in 99 AG, when Katara and Sokka discovered Aang at the Southern Water Tribe, locked away in an iceberg.

The team set off to end the War, in which they were successful. Along the way, they gained two pivotal allies: Toph Bei Fong and former enemy Zuko, who would each help Aang master the elements and provide key roles in ending the War. Aang and Katara mastered their forms of bending, and the team as a whole dealt with many ups and downs.

For more, see the canon Team Avatar page.


Team Avatar settled into new positions postwar, with Zuko becoming Fire Lord, Sokka being named Hakoda's successor, and Toph returning to her family. Aang and Katara began a romantic relationship, and moved to the Southern Water Tribe. Zuko and Mai held an on-and-off relationship during the Summer of 100 AG, this resumed in full after Sozin's Comet, and they live in the Fire Nation. Sokka and Suki also held a romantic relationship, but live apart as Suki needed to stay on Kyoshi Island to train the Kyoshi Warriors.

The rest of the team remained friends, with some new friendships being struck among post-war allies. As a consequence of their positions, Mai and Ty Lee, the former primary allies of Azula, became accepted members of Team Avatar. The only action for the team came in 101 AG when Aang helped Zuko quell a Fire Nation riot.

The Weatherbenders continuity

Team Avatar was drawn out of their homes after the Meteorologists used Weatherbending to create dramatic changes to the weather. After Aang, Katara and Zuko learned of the origins of Weatherbending and the need to get a master, they were on the move again.

Team Avatar's first encounter with the Meteorologists came in chapter five, in which, despite valiant fights, they were defeated. Further, Kyoshi Warrior Ty Lee was killed in this battle trying to defend Katara. The team later collapsed from heat exhaustion, when the temperatures were spiked by Zorro and Ezan to end the battle. A consequence of this battle was the Capture of the Fire Nation, which cost Zuko the position of Fire Lord.

Reeaki discovered the team collapsed following this battle, and transported them to the South Pole, where they healed up. After this, they set out on the move again to find their Weatherbending instructor. This actually wound up being the aforementioned Reeaki, who found them in the southern Earth Kingdom. After his explanation, the team determined Reeaki was the needed instructor, and they accepted him to the team.

After Reeaki taught the capable members Weatherbending, the team moved to Ba Sing Se, where Zuko spoke with Iroh, and Reeaki met with fellow crossover Hashidi. Later, the team met with the Council of Five, who informed them of the Siege of the South, and the developing Rebellion Against the New Reign. Afterwards, the team's Weatherbenders met with the guardians of the art and received a warning that they had to get on the move soon, or Weatherbending would spread out of control as Zorro's Fire Nation invaded the world.

The team set out to travel west to meet with General Fong. One evening, while the team was resting in the central Earth Kingdom, a fight broke out between several members, instigated by Katara and Mai. The fight was broken up by Toph, and prompted Reeaki to address them. After this, apologies were exchanged, and after a heart to heart talk, Katara and Mai struck a friendship.

The team then arrived at General Fong's base to make final preparations for The Tri-National Showdown. The following division was agreed to:

  • Fire Nation, to fight with the Fire Nation Rebel Army: Aang and Zuko
  • Southern Water Tribe, to fight with the Water Tribe forces and Earth Kingdom reinforcements: Katara and Sokka
  • Earth Kingdom, to fight with the Earth Kingdom Army: Toph, Mai, Suki, Reeaki

The entire team wound up being successful in all their battles, despite some of the fights pushing members to their limits, with Aang, Zuko, Katara and Sokka all encountering members of the Meteorologists during their fights. Despite this, they all proved pivotal in stopping Zorro's forces and once again saving the world, gaining another shot of worldwide praise.

Afterwards, Reeaki left the team to return to his home. Zuko was re-coronated as Fire Lord a short time after the Tri-National ended, and the team eventually returned to their homes to enjoy the revived peace.



Aang: The Avatar, freed from an iceberg after 100 years by Katara and Sokka. The only one capable of using all four bending arts. Current boyfriend of Princess Katara. Defeated former Phoenix King Ozai during Sozin's Comet, effectively ending the War.
Katara: The Princess of the Southern Water Tribe, daughter of Chief Hakoda and Kya. Waterbender, a master of her element, and current girlfriend of Avatar Aang. Also defeated Fire Princess Azula during Sozin's Comet, to help end the War.
Sokka: The Prince of the Southern Water Tribe, son of Chief Hakoda and Kya, and Hakoda's successor to the chiefdom. Warrior, well-versed in the art of the sword, and Team Avatar's strategist. Current boyfriend of Suki.

Acquired Allies

Toph Bei Fong: A blind, but master Earthbender. She would become Aang's Earthbending instructor. Daughter of Lao Bei Fong and Poppy Bei Fong of the wealthy Bei Fong family. Escaped from home after meeting Team Avatar, and later discovered Metalbending. Allied in the Spring of 100 AG.
Fire Lord Zuko: As his name says, current Fire Lord, the ruler of the Fire Nation, albeit deposed. Master Firebender, and the primary instructor of Aang in the art. Originally was an enemy, but after internal conflict, he allied in the Summer of 100 AG. Helped Sokka rescue Hakoda and Suki escape from the Boiling Rock. Current boyfriend of Mai.
Suki: The leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, met Team Avatar in its original state late in 99 AG on Kyoshi Island. Quickly became infatuated with and fell in love with Sokka, later accompanied the team, now including Toph, across the Serpent's Pass. Defeated and captured by Azula, sent to Boiling Rock, later rescued, and fully joined Team Avatar at this point, late summer 100 AG.
Mai: The girlfriend of Zuko, originally an ally of Azula. Betrayed Azula at the Boiling Rock in the late Summer of 100 AG, then imprisoned. Later released after pulling strings with the prison's warden, also her uncle. Joined Team Avatar post-Sozin's Comet, reunited and resumed her relationship with Zuko.
Ty Lee (Deceased): A Kyoshi Warrior, also an ally of Azula, and also betrayed her at the Boiling Rock. Befriended the Kyoshi Warriors, and taught them chi-blocking. Joined Team Avatar post-Sozin's Comet as a member of the Kyoshi Warriors, killed in 102 AG by The Meteorologists.
Reeaki: Taken to the Avatar World from the real world, originally a member of the Meteorologists before deserting them in July of 102 AG. First found Team Avatar after their defeat at the hands of the Meteorologists, transported them to the Southern Water Tribe for healing. Later located Team Avatar after this and allied with them.

Other relationships

Additional allies


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