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Team Avatar
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Notable members
  • Sokka
  • Katara
  • Toph
  • Suki
  • Zuko
  • Appa
  • Momo

Aang, Katara and Sokka


To defeat the Fire Nation

Team Avatar was a group of children from different nations who were the last hope of saving the world from the wrath of the Fire Nation. They were unsuccessful, however, and lost the final battles of the war, in which they were all killed.



Sokka was the first member of Team Avatar to die. While he tried to escape from the Boiling Rock with his father, Zuko, Suki, and another prisoner, he found himself engaged in a battle with Azula and Ty Lee on the gondola. Ty Lee defeated Suki early on, so Sokka had to fight her, and was unable to assist Zuko with Azula. Ty Lee and his fought evenly, but Ty Lee eventually was able to sneak a punch to his chest when she saw Sokka was distracted by his concern for Suki, paralyzing him. The minute he became immobile, Azula engulfed his body with blue flames, immediately killing him.


Despite Suki being the first to be paralyzed, she was not the first to die. Suki was the one who told Zuko to escape by propelling himself to the cliff on the side of the lake, as the world needed hope, and Zuko's death would surely destroy it. Zuko refused, but Suki told him it was her dying wish. Zuko, heartbroken, did so, barely making it to the cliff. The minute Zuko touched the cliff, Azula blasted Suki in the ribs with a powerful and condensed fireball, killing her within seconds. Azula then killed Hakoda and Chit Sang, and then left the gondola with Ty Lee.


Zuko falls

Zuko is killed by Azula.

After Zuko told Team Avatar of the deaths in the Boiling Rock, they were very angry and upset at Zuko, especially Katara, who thought that Zuko had murdered her family. Despite this, Zuko and Katara still attempted to defeat Azula before her coronation ends. Zuko fought Azula, while Katara fought Mai and Ty Lee. Zuko was not mentally well, however, and Azula quickly gained the upper hand in their battle. She eventually killed Zuko by creating lightning, causing him to go into the redirect position, leaving his legs unguarded. Azula then kicked a blast of fire right at his legs, knocking him down. Before Zuko could retaliate, Azula blasted the lightning she made right at Zuko's stomach, killing him.


Katara traveled with Zuko to fight Azula, but she instead found herself fighting against Mai and Ty Lee. Katara was already heartbroken at the death of her entire family, and her Waterbending prowess was severely weakened as a result. Mai and Ty Lee soon gained the upper hand, and, after Katara saw Zuko get killed, she lost all the will to fight, falling on the ground, crying in pain. Mai was still upset about Zuko, so she was not yet ready to take out Katara, so Ty Lee paralyzed her. Azula, happy with her victory, taunted Katara to the point where she was crying hysterically, which soon upset Ty Lee due to her bubbly nature, so she asked Azula to just put Katara out of her misery. Azula did so by slitting her throat with one of Mai's stilettos.


Toph decided to go with Aang to help him fight Ozai due to Aang becoming emotionally unstable and, despite the team's denial, somewhat completely insane, as Aang felt he failed the world again. Before the two left, Toph made a slightly dry joke at how she hopes at least they survive. This infuriates Aang, triggering a horrifying version of the Avatar State, despite his seventh chakra being locked. Aang creates a huge amount of water, which surrounds Toph, and eventually drowns her to death.


Avatar State fire whips

Aang commits suicide

When Aang exits the Avatar State, he sees Toph's breathless body floating in the water he flooded. Seeing what he had done to his friend, Aang realized he no longer had a reason to live, as none of his friends would. He apologizes to the world, and then, he kills himself by showering himself in fire, and by sticking sharp rocks in his back, killing him instantly.


After Ozai's victory, Appa was captured and eaten by him, Azula, her friends, her masters, and some generals and admirals as a "feast of victory".


First Thirty Years

Team Avatar's actions were remembered by a young girl named Mina, who also wanted to free the world from the Fire Nation. She promised to complete what Team Avatar was unable to complete, and she also becomes a big fan of Katara after finding out what she did to help Jang Hui. She later formed her own group calling it Team Rebel as a dedication to Team Avatar. Momo the only surviving member of Team Avatar, also eventually joined Team Rebel in their quest for peace and freedom, starting by saving Kaila from Princess Mitsuki.

As Spirits

When Chen finds out he is the Avatar, he suffers major distress. Knowing the time is right, Avatar Aang and the rest of the team went into Chen's dream, in which told him that Azula is planning to conquer the Spirit World, and that it is his destiny to master the four elements (air included) and to defeat the Fire Nation government before Azula fulfills her plan. Chen accepts who he is, though he is confused on how he can possibly learn Airbending, though Aang tells him that will be covered in another visit, and he and rest of the team bid Chen farewell.

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