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Team Avatar and friends
Team Avatar
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Aang, Weed




South Pole


keep balance in the world

Team Avatar is the main group in Ginga Densetsu Avatar. The group began when Aang and Weed came into the South Pole, and has been going well since then.

Original members

AangWeed Sokka Katara Korra

These are the original members of Team Avatar that started right from the beginning and came out in the end.

New and temporary members

Book 1: Water

Ty Lee (Joined Team Avatar during their stay on Kyoshi Island)

Book 2: earth

Toph Smellerbee (Joined Team Avatar after meeting them in the Earth Kingdom)

Tom (Joined Team Avatar after being rescued) (temporary)

Book 3: Fire

Zuko Azula Alam (Joined after having no where else to go)

Suki Hope Hook Mel Tesshin (Joined after Invasion)

Book 4: Air

Mai (Joined after being banished by Hougen)

Heizo and Tyson (Joined when Toph was found by Team Avatar)

Joe (joined after saving Mai from Violet)

Bruge (joined right before the escape in Ba Sing Se)

Deceased Members

Appa (got killed during a Fire Nation attack)

Smith (Killed himself to save Ty Lee, Aang, and Smellerbee)

GB (Killed by Hougen)

Genba (Killed out of mercy by Zuko)

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