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Team Avatar
General information
  • Aang
  • Ian
  • Sokka
Notable members

Aang, Sokka, Katara, Appa


Twinkle Times
Northern Water Tribe


Four Nations.


Team Avatar is the name used to refer to Aang and whoever is accompanying him at any given time. This was usually Katara, Sokka, Ian, Kyrie, and later Toph, but Zuko and Suki eventually became important members. Team Avatar, as of the end of The War, is notable for having at least one member from every nation, and at least one bending master of each of the bending arts. This makes Team Avatar a formidable fighting group, and they are capable of assaulting even the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace or destroying an Airship Fleet without outside assistance.

Chronicles of Ian



Team Avatar meeting

The team first meets.

During The War, started by Fire Lord Sozin in 0 AG, Avatar Aang fled the Southern Air Temple, shortly before the Air Nomad Genocide occurred. Unfortunately, Aang was imprisoned inside an iceberg over the South Pole, keeping him there for about one hundred years. Eventually, Katara and Sokka discovered, and released him. A brilliant ray of light shot out from the broken shell, and the two teenagers met Aang for the first time. They later discovered his position as the Avatar, and accompanied him on his journey to the Northern Water Tribe, in order to master Waterbending.

Journey to the North

During their long journey, they met Suki, Haru, the Freedom Fighters. The leader of the Freedom Fighters, Jet, decided to leave his group, and join the Avatar on his journeys. They also met Teo, escaped Zuko and Zhao, and visited two of the four Air Temples. They took a route up the western Earth Kingdom, meeting many people and visiting even more villages. When they finally reached the Northern Water Tribe, Aang began training with Ian when he could no longer focus with Master Pakku, while Katara advanced quickly with Mater Pakku.

Northern Water Tribe

Team Avatar at North Pole

In the Northern Water Tribe

Zhao soon plotted an attack on the Northern tribe, sending in large navy to overwhelm the city. Searching for answers on how to rescue the tribe, Aang visited the spirit Koh. Later the Moon Spirit Tui was first captured and then murdered by Admiral Zhao, causing the moon to first turn red and then disappear, rendering the Waterbenders defenseless. In desperation, Aang worked together with the Ocean Spirit La, to drive away the invading army. Meanwhile, Princess Yue, who was blessed in early childhood by Tui, gave up the life she had gifted her with, and became the present Moon Spirit. When the Siege had ended, the gang traveled south to find an Earthbending teacher, preferring King Bumi.


Water Tribes

Earth Kingdom










Avatar Kuruk


Kyoshi Warriors
King Bumi
Freedom Fighters

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