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Ikki introducing her family
Team Air
General information


Notable members

Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Poki




Air Temple Island

  • Rescue Rohan
  • Help Team Avatar

Team Air is a mini group made up of the last known airbenders, Jinora, Ikki and Meelo. Their team pet is Poki, the ring-tailed flying lemur.


The Team was made up soon after Nahash first appears. Since they were left behind back at Air Temple Island when the mission began, the three had decided to form Team Air, so they could be useful to Team Avatar. The name was a bit vague and rather chosen by default, though many other names were debated over the name of the team (like Team Tornado by Meelo, or Team Flower by Ikki). Jinora chose Team Air because they were the only airbenders left.


  • Jinora - Jinora is the team leader, chosen for her age and less naive attitude (almost a default choice). She is also the group's spiritual connection, able to help her team to the Spirit World if needed.
  • Ikki - Ikki is second-in-command in the team. The helpful supporter, often helping to keep the group's spirits up thanks to her happy-go-lucky attitude.
  • Meelo - The youngest in the team, he is chosen upon personal choice as animal caretaker, as an excuse to bring Poki into the team.
  • Poki - the group's animal mascot.

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