By M1O Part of the Break the Cycle continuity.
"What are you gonna do about it? You're just an old man, old man!"
"An astute observation, Miss Indubitable."
"Well, I don't even know what that means, so there!"
—Sawbones and Teach have a meaningful conversation

Teach is the nickname of an old Airbender who is tasked with locating the Avatar. A world-weary and traveled man, Teach is also a member of the order of nomads who study history and do everything they can to preserve it. In a few words, he is also ornery and irritable, almost as much as Hong. Despite this, he is an easy-going teacher who prefers that his students learn to appreciate one thing than learn about one hundred different things.

If he had a lawn and you stood on it, he'd yell at you.

Early Middle Life

As mentioned, Teach is from a loose group of nomads who collect, study, and preserve history in all its forms, although hard writing is considered to be of the utmost importance. Unlike the other two major sects of nomads, one which attempt to aid the needy and the other which seclude themselves as best they can, Teach's group places accumulation of knowledge above every other priority. Teach earned his moniker after he became a makeshift instructor within the group and took to training other Airbenders in both the bending art as well as practices and values of the group. In addition, he also knows a plethora of ways of getting around without attracting any attention from the Overseers which include various routes and safe havens within the Underworks.

After some years and some close calls, Teach was made aware of the Avatar's presence through his associate, former student, and sibling to his current student, Zu's sister. He attempted to contact her to discuss details but was unable to do so. Nevertheless, Teach made good on his lead and eventually located the Avatar. After this, his primary goals have been twofold: to train the Avatar in not only Airbending but also the state and recent history of the world and possibly find other teachers as well as to locate Zu's sister. To his pleasant surprise, the Avatar has already mastered one element, so his job is a little easier.

Character & Abilities

Teach is an expert Airbender. While not the best or most powerful, he is well practiced in his techniques and highly adaptable to various situations. He often poses as an emancipated slave and carries falsified identification to this end. At other times, he finds it necessary to drop his disguise to provide a cover for other allies. While pursued, he puts a variety of Airbending techniques to good use, including heightened agility that his age and build would normally preclude, and, if necessary, can hold his ground in a fight. Even without Airbending, Teach is fairly fit for his age and he does not tire easily. He also carries an advanced gliderstaff and, should he lose it, knows how to make a wooden one or where to get a replacement.

Although often irritable, Teach is gruffly amicable when he warms up to someone. While he believes in his work, he is somewhat pessimistic and cynical in his views. To this end, he gets along well enough with Hong and Sing but is mutually unable to connect with Sabat. Due to his duties, he is necessarily wary of who he tells his information to and evaluates people thoroughly before even giving them a hint toward his true identity and work. After finding the Avatar, his mood improves somewhat as he takes great pride in his instruction, but he finds it awkward to teach a student very near his own advanced age. Although he often tires of Zu and Owan's youthful enthusiasm, he finds it necessary to protect them from the harsh realities of the world. He sometimes clashes with Sho's apparent lack concern for anyone and anything but himself and money.

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