Tea on the Hillside
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The Road that Never Ends





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August 29, 2011

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Downhill Trudge to Pohan Village

Setting: West coast of Earth Kingdom; coniferous forests; small villages

Time: 4:00 AM

Mako opened his eyes with the sky dark and smoke being puffed in his face. He was bouncing up and down for a minute when he realized he was on his brother, Lee's, back. "Mom said you're not allowed to smoke," Mako said drowsily, coughing slightly at the smell.

"Do you see mom?" Lee asked mockingly, "And anyway, dad said I could, so it's okay." As they walked farther and farther Mako slowly fell back to sleep.

When he woke up again the sun was rising and the sky was a yellow-orange. He knew something was wrong. "Where are we?" Mako asked while rubbing his eyes. As he sat up he noticed he was in a sleeping bag and wearing Earth Kingdom clothes. "What's going on?"

Lee was sitting on his own sleeping bag and pouring himself a cup of tea. There was a portable tea kit in front of him which he often brought on camping trips. Lee was also wearing Earth Kingdom clothing, going as far as wearing an Earth Kingdom top-knot. "Do you want some tea? You might need it, we've got to get to that town down there before noon." He pointed toward a small village about three miles east, barely visible beyond the seemingly endless forests.

Lee wanted desperately to get as far east as possible, away from the Colonies, away from the Fire Nation, away from the life he never wanted.

Lee was obviously ignoring Mako, which made the child even more nervous. "Why aren't we at the docks? Where's dad?" Mako was standing now, steam rising from his nose. "Why aren't we on dad's ship? What are we doing here? Where are we?!"

"Have some tea, calm down and I'll tell you whatever you want to know."

As Lee sipped his tea slowly and calmly, Mako gulped his down quickly and got right back to the questions. "Stop ignoring me! Where are we?!" Mako had become angry and was now throwing one of his tantrums, small flames coming out every time he opened his mouth.

"Wait for me to finish my tea," Lee said, smiling at his little brother mischievously. Lee always had fun teasing Mako because the boy was so impatient and easy to annoy. When he finished his tea, Lee hesitated for a moment and began to give his false explanation. "Dad forgot us. Do you remem-"

He was cut off earlier than he expected and didn't even have to tell his full-out lie. "How could two children be left behind by a cargo ship whose captain is their own damn father?!" Mako yelled for the whole nation to hear.

Lee was surprised by Mako's reaction. He almost never spoke like that. "Mom said you're not allowed to curse," Lee said before he realized he had a pipe in his hand.

"Do you see mom?" Mako said with a smirk before he remembered what was going on. "Why did they forget to take us back to the Fire Nation?!"

"Shhhhhh!" Lee whispered, looking around to make sure no one heard. "Don't say we're from the Fire Nation!"

"Why not?" Mako asked curiously, having finally calmed down.

Lee couldn't contain his laughter as he thought of Mako's foolishness. "We're in the Earth Kingdom!"

Mako finally understood their situation. "Where will we say we're from? Where are we going to go? What are we going to do?"

"You have a question for everything, don't you? Well, I have an answer for all of them. We'll be travelers. We'll be from nowhere and we'll be going nowhere. We'll just keep walking on an endless road until someday, a long long time from now, we'll go back home."

"Why do we have to wait for so long?" Mako asked sadly, "Where will we live?"

Lee could tell his brother was going to start crying so he went over and sat him on his lap. "Where will we live? We'll just keep going. Why should we stop? The whole world is our temporary home until we can go back to the Fire Nation. We can see and do things we might never be able to do again. It'll be an adventure!"

Mako perked up at the idea of seeing the world and slowly began to smile. "Okay," he said as he rubbed the tears from his eyes, "We'll have an adventure. And our first stop will be..." Mako stopped for a second and whispered to his brother, "What's that town called?"

"Pohan Village," Lee answered happily.

"Pohan Village!" Before they began going down the hill, Lee enjoyed one last cup of tea.

Meanwhile, back in Fire Nation waters, Lee and Mako's father searched for his children only to realize that they were gone. "Damn," he whispered as he searched their room, "Lee said he might do this, but I thought he was bluffing! How could he do this? I should never have told him about those plans...."

"Should we turn the ship around, sir?" a crew mate asked.

"No," he answered quietly, "No, let's instead send posters to the Earth Kingdom when we get back to the mainland. We'll let the police handle them."


  • When I come up with the names of the characters, villages, and towns for my fanons I either put a bunch of syllables together to make the name sound "Asian" or borrow names of characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • This fanon will be quite happy at first, but as the story progresses I plan to make it more action-packed and add a little more drama.
  • So you know, in case I never get around to it, Mako and Lee's father is named Hahn, a name I came up with before remembering Hahn was the name of Yue's betrothed in The Siege of the North, Part 1 and The Siege of the North, Part 2.
  • Most of the first chapters of this fanon will be small, but as the story progresses and more characters are introduced, the plot will thicken and chapters will steadily grow in length.

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