Iroh and Zuko in tea shop
Tea and Trouble
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Tea with Sokka





Written by

Aang Meng Fang



Release date

May 22, 2012

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After the War (TwS)

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Fire and Fired

Axel ran home so fast he felt he was flying. He was running so fast he did not notice that he was running straight towards a man. Axel looked closer, that man had his father's cloak on. Axel looked timidly up at the man. He felt a rage of anger coming over him. Axel looked to the ground for something to throw at him or hit him with, he saw a stick on the dirt and gripped it tightly and swung it at his leg. The man laughed in his face and said,

"I am the greatest criminal mastermind in all of the four nations and I don't think a six year old is going to stop me." Axel started to protest but the anger was gone, Axel turned away and ran as fast as he could until he reached his house.

Lee looked at Axel with worry and pain. "You know Mom and Dad would not have let you go out alone."

Axel ignored Lee and walked to Dee. Axel opened his mouth to tell Dee about Sokka.

Dee looked at Axel not knowing his twin was behind him Dee paused and swallowed. "I miss Mom and Dad they'd tell Lee to stop bossing us around."

"I know Dee, but I am going to learn sword training from a guy named Sokka," Axel said with pride.

"Really?" Ree but in.

"Don't tell me you expect me to let you go out alone with a guy you just met," Lee said while he scowled.

I'll sneak out tonight, Axel thought to himself.

He went to have a snack of leechi nuts, but Lee followed him pacing around him.

"Do you want to be watched 24/7?"

Axel shook his head slowly.

"Well then don't do that again or else you will be," Lee walked out shutting the door with a loud stomp.

Axel pealed back the shell and began to crunch the nut.

He looked through the hole in the tent that was shaped like a window and that was the last thing he saw until 11 o' candle he pushed the chair to the window and crawled out sword in his hand.

His sword reflecting the moonlight shining back on his face.

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