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Te-Ao Sea
Te-Ao Sea
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Spirit World

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Ep.10: Dragon Turtle

The Te-Ao Sea is a large, ancient body of water located in the Spirit World. It is one of only 2 large oceans present, the other being the larger Lavira Sea. The Te-Ao was known for its calm expanse of warm water, and the various islands that could be found along it.


The sea itself was located as a pure Spirit World landmark, unknown to the physical world until 174 AG, when Team Avatar arrived in the Spirit World, and had to cross it on Chi to get to Taiyin Pool. For many years, not many spirits would try to cross the expanse of the Te-Ao Sea, and it was home to mostly aquatic spirits. The ocean had scattered islands along its surface as well. The sea became populated before the era of Raava by the Qishi during the time of El Niño's creation until Raava sealed him away, and was repopulated again when El Niño escaped for the 2nd time, thousands of years later.


Taiyin Pool

Taiyin Pool is a very ancient island in the Te-Ao Sea in the Spirit World. It is considered one of the oldest islands within the Te-Ao Sea, being around before the first Harmonic Convergence even occurred.

During the time before the Era of Raava, the island was the home of the Moon and Ocean Spirits, Tui and La, before they decided to leave the Spirit World, manifesting into koi fish in order to help mankind at the time. Since their departure, the pool is able to retell their story to those who observe the freshwater pool. It was also the prison where El Niño and his Qishi were placed after being defeated by Raava.

Team Avatar had arrived to the Taiyin Pool, courtesy of Chi, in order to figure out how to defeat El Niño. During the time of El Niño's escape, Starbombs had colonized the island, yet posed no threat to the visitors.

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