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Fugitive Part 1

Tazo is a Fire Nation soldier who was assigned to General Mung's army. Following the death of his brother at the hands of escaped prisoners, he joined a task force designed to cover up the incident as well as exact revenge on the escapees.



Tazo was born into a medium-sized town in 66 AG, the son of a merchant. He discovered his Firebending talents at a young age, shortly after his friend Inata. The two were friends despite their vastly different personalities. Quickly excelling in Firebending, the two attracted the eye of a military recruiter, who was also interested in Tazo's brother Saurin. The three signed up for the army at the same time, being assigned to Mung's army and quickly deployed.

Military career

Along with Inata, Tazo participated in many battles, winning respect from his comrades. When Mung had successfully taken control of the northwestern Earth Kingdom, Tazo, Inata and Saurin began occupation duty. Though stationed in Mung's base, Tazo's group routinely did patrols of the countryside and helped put down rebellions in the area. One day, Inata, Saurin, and Tazo were assigned to guard the camp's prison, holding three prisoners in the small compounds. Two soldiers arrived to relieve them, and the group left to relax. Later that day, the prisoners escaped. Tazo, Saurin, and Inata fought in order to stop them, but Saurin died in the struggle, while Tazo and Inata were knocked out.

The next day, Mung organized a vengeance team, designed to cover up his failure while allowing for a search to kill the prisoners. Tazo decided to join, as did Inata, desiring revenge for their suffering. The duo leaves with the rest of the group under the command of Jidui. While en route, Inata and Tazo's conversation causes a disruption among the soldiers, prompting their commander to send them on a frivolous investigation of a flare spotted in the area. Tazo and Inata find a ship but do not investigate further because it looks as if it has already been defeated.

When approaching their rendezvous point, Tazo and Inata discover that Jidui's entire group had been killed by a group of Earth Kingdom soldiers who exploited the group's injuries. Deciding to strike out on their own in order to seeks revenge, the duo returns to the ship where they meet Captain Ba, the commander of the ship who defeated by the Fugitives. After Inata claims that Ruon, the ship's main cargo, was killed in the raid, Ba decides to join the Firebenders in tracking down the Fugitives. Heading inland from their ship, the Firebenders eventually locate a group comprised of the Fugitives, Luo, and Cren. Tazo joins Inata in battling Luo and Kuro, a pair of Earthbenders. Through a series of distractions, the duo are defeated and lie on the ground unconscious while Ba is killed. When the pair wakes up, Tazo wants to stay and give Ba a proper burial, but Inata convinces him to give up his idea.


Tazo is usually a light-hearted individual who always prefers to see the bright side of situations. He enjoys making jokes and is usually seen with a smile on his face. In many respects, he was like his brother Saurin. Following the loss of his brother, however, Tazo becomes plagued by survivors guilt, a problem that also manifests itself upon Ba's sudden death. Tazo has an innate need to protect others, though he frequently lacks the means to do so. Tazo also is very determined and consistent, always sticking to his word and striving for the honorable solution in his life.


Tazo is a very capable Firebender, having trained with Inata from his youth. The duo have perfected the combat usages of Firebending, managing to use their bond as friends to anticipate each other's motions and better collaborate on the battlefield. Tazo is capable of using large amounts of fire in his strikes and is able to swiftly execute each attack. His typically light personality makes him able to tap into his inner rage more than most Firebenders of his day, enabling him to dig deep for higher-intensity attacks than his comrades.

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