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Fire Nation

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Ben Hai


Vaatu, Kaaju, Choi, Zee

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Dragon Master, Gov. bodyguard


Ben Hai



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Chapter 1- The Ben Hai

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Chapter 36- The Ben Hai

Tazen is a firebender who used to be the bodyguard of the Fire Governor's son, Iven. When the dragon Shang attacked, the dragon's soul was trapped in Tazen. He fled the city and joined the Ben Hai to protect the people from the darkbenders. Later, Priest Choi released the dragon. He was born in Farkai to a noble family.


Tazen is a good friend, loyal and strong. He is also fiery, as he is quick to attack. He is close to his friends and is ready to defend them.


Life in Farkai

He was born in the city of Farkai, where he became close friends with the Fire Governor's son, Iven. As they grew up, he became his bodyguard. When a dragon attacked the city, Priest Choi placed the dragon's soul inside of Tazen. Tazen then moved to the earth town of Guang where he joined the Ben Hai.

The Dark-bending war

Tazen traveled with the Ben Hai through the Forest of Thorns and to the Flare Rebel Camp. During the Battle of Flare Fields, he was teleported to the Spirit World by Venja. He stayed in the Spirit World for about 2 days. He roamed the Siq Swamps, eating grass and "swamp-muck" until Naton and Gardie rescued him. His mind had been tainted and took about 4 days to heal. He helped the Ben Hai track down the SEA in Republic City. Tazen fought during the Night of the Green Moon and the Battle of Omashu. Tazen went with Onza to Blue Fire Island, where he met Priest Choi. Choi revealed that Tazen had the dragon Shang inside of him, and he must control it and never release it. He learned more firebending and "opening techniques" from Choi. The techniques turned out to do the opposite of what Tazen intended to learn. When Onza returned to the island, Choi released Shang and Tazen and Onza were stranded on the island. Tazen and Onza climbed up the volcano and met Sageus Yin. Yin warned them that an army of dark spirits was coming their way. Kaaju and Zoroz-Shai attacked the island and they used the volcano to force the dark spirits to flee. Sageus called the blue dragon Azura and they rode to the Southern Water Tribe. They saw that the UDRF and Ben Hai had left for Ba Sing Se. Naton returned, having learned of the Dark Memory and of cosmic bending. They then ride to Ba Sing Se, but most of the armies had been wiped out by Kaaju and the darkbenders. The four reunited with the remaining survivors. When the guardian spirit, Alang, told them what had happened, they journeyed into the Land of the Dead, where they saw all of their friends' souls. After they revived all of them via Naton's cosmic bending, Tazen took part in the attack on Pitch Peak.

The Final Battle

During the final battle, Tazen fought Shang alongside Sageus Yin. Sageus put the soul back into Tazen and, using the mystical red spirit staff, Tazen managed to control the power, using the dragon's power to his advantage.


He was orphaned at a young age, and lived with the Fire Governor. When he joined the Ben Hai, he treated Onza like a father, and Onza treated Tazen like a son (Onza's son was killed in combat).


During his teen years, during the dragon attack, Priest Choi placed the soul of the dragon Shang inside Tazen. It gave him advanced firebending skills and power. During the dark-bending war, Choi released the dragon. After the war, Tazen continued to keep the dragon inside of him, but eventually set it free into the Spirit World.

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