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Tashi (tRR)
Biographical information

Air Nomad

Birth place

The Southern Air Temple

  • The Southern Air Temple
  • The Spirit World

79 (deceased)


79 BG


0 AG

Physical description


Hair color

White (shaven)

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Aang, Jinju, Hokai, Gyatso, Air Nomads, Sokka, Katara


The Fire Nation, Koh

Chronological and political information
  • Monk
  • Aang's Airbending Instructor
  • Sokka's Spiritual Guide (formerly)
  • Air Nomads
  • Council of Elders
Monk Tashi was an airbender of the Southern Air Temple, Avatar Aang's Airbending instructor, a member of the Southern Air Temple Council of Elders and Sokka's former Spiritual Guide.


Monk Tashi was born in the Southern Air Temple in 79 BG, where he grew up in the idyllic surroundings of his home. He became a talented bender and eventually a member of the Southern Air Temple council of Elders.

He became concerned about the fact of the war coming closer to the Air Nomads so he and the other Council member decided, that they should tell Aang about his Avatar status, before he would turn sixteen, at the age of twelve. When the Young Avatar doubt about his destiny, Monk Tashi was the one, that showed Aang the Four Avatar Relics, which Aang picked from several thousands of toys, when he was a small boy, showing him, that he was the Avatar, because they were familiar to him, because he chose them in several of his past lives.

Much to his discomfort and dismay, Tashi later discovered, that Monk Gyatso played a game of Pai Sho with Aang, completely forgetting about the young Avatar's training lessons. He wanted to take Aang, so that they could practice some Airbending techniques, but Gyatso countered him, saying that Aang practiced enough this day and that he had to have some fun in his life.

Concerned by the Avatar's lack of training, he was the one that wanted to send Avatar Aang to the Eastern Air Temple, where he would complete his Airbending training. Aang heard the conversation between him and the other members of the Council and ran away.

A short time later Tashi was killed, when the Fire Nation attacked the Air Temples and committed the Air Nomad Genocide. After his death he was one of the very few mortal Air Nomads that got accepted into the Spirit World. When Sokka found out, that he was and Airbender Avatar Aang traveled to the Spirit World several times, looking for the right person to be Sokka's Spiritual Guide. After several attempts he choose Tashi.

Tashi later helped Sokka and the others to come into the Spirit World, where he showed his kind and caring side. He led the Gaang to the Realm of Koh but have to leave them. After the battle with Koh he agreed, that Jinju should be Sokka's new Spiritual Guide.

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