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By Dudewaldo4 See other fanon and fan fiction works from Dudewaldo4.
"You don't belong with us. Gyatso doesn't need any distractions as he trains the next Avatar. You should leave, stranger."
— Tashi to Pathik in Act 1: Gyatso
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Air Nomads; Southern Air Temple



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Pasang, Afiko


Fire Nation

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High Monk

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Act 1: Gyatso

Monk Tashi was one of five monks in charge of the Southern Air Temple. This elder was one of the monks who told Aang of his Avatar status. He was very strict and adamant about getting Aang to train.

Tashi despises anyone not from the Air Temples, including Pathik. He was quick to try to get rid of him when he learned of Aang's identity, under the justification that he would distract Monk Gyatso when he was trying to train the Avatar.

Tashi complaining

Tashi complaining.

One day (in Aang's flashback) he walks into a room seeing Gyatso and Aang playing Pai Sho. He yells: "You're playing games with him? The Avatar should be training." Monk Gyatso tells him that Aang had had enough training for one day. The Dour Monk attempts to get Aang to test him on some high level techniques, but Gyatso says no. This incident caused the monk to complain to Pasang. Gyatso says that Aang should grow up as a normal boy. It is then decided that Aang be sent to the Eastern Air Temple to complete his training. This is overheard by Aang who decided to run away. This elder monk died along with the other Air Nomads when they were attacked by the Fire Nation.


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