By Daiquan Gordon Part of the Legend of Katary continuity.
Biographical information

Southern Air Temple


Air Nation



Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air, glider staff

Fighting style(s)




Chronological and political information

Airbending master

  • Air Nation
  • Team Avatar
Tashi is the granddaughter of Avatar Liyang. She becomes good friends with Katary during her airbending training. After completing her training, Tashi joined Katary in her effort to stop the war between the two Water Tribes.


Tashi was born at the Southern Air Temple; she grew up at the air temple, where she met Katary. The two became close friends; after Katary left for the Spirit World, Tashi went to Air Temple Island to complete her training. She later joined Katary in her effort to end the civil war between the Northern and Southern Tribes.     




Tashi has an excellent variety of skills in the art of airbending. She is able to create powerful air blasts, tornadoes, air swipes, whirlwinds, and others. She is able to use a glider and has mastered the air scooter and can create a wheel of air that can deflect attacks. She is also capable of creating air domes to protect herself and others from gases and explosions. She has overall proficiency and knowledge of airbending skills.        

Spiritual Projection

Tashi has also learned to combine her airbending with her spiritual powers to project her spirit out of her body and travel to another location in a matter of seconds. By locking onto people's energy, she can use this technique to track down people or to call for help. To utilize the technique and maintain the projection, Tashi must be able to focus, which requires peaceful and quiet environment. 

Other Skills 

Tashi possess a strong natural affinity with spirits and spiritual-related matters. She is able to detach her spirit from her body to move freely between the material world and the Spirit World. 


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