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Tarou is the Tribal Prince of the Northern Water Tribe and the first child of Chief Eniar and Queen Kae. He was born March 31, 151 AG. Tarou is a waterbender and part of the Northern Water Tribe Military. He has a younger sister named Aysu who he finds annoying to no end, even when she is doing absolutely nothing.


All of the special treatment he got from the other warriors went to his head and he became very arrogant and entitled. Because of the discrimination that still exists in the Water Tribe Military, Tarou also developed a chauvinistic personality. He often views girls as helpless and trophies to be put on display. Girls, despite his bad personality, swarm to him.

Meeting Korra

He has had his eyes on Korra as a potential wife ever since he started thinking about betrothals. He continues to hit on her despite the obvious signs she is not interested. Blinded by his ego, he believes that no woman can resist his charm and that Korra would follow suit.


He is an adept waterbender but has no healing abilities. He likes use his waterbending to intimidate, pick on weaker people, and to make sure things go his way. Another frivolous way he utilizes waterbending is by showing off and impressing women, even though his skill level is barely above average.


  • Tarou is from the Japanese words ta "thick, big" and rou "son". [1]
  • Princess Yue is his first cousin three times removed


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