By Kyoshidude Part of the Gods of War continuity.
Tariq Yamamoto
Biographical information
Birth place

The Republic



Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown/black

Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)



Wife (deceased), Colette (daughter)


Fenn, Colette, Leroux, The Council


Demons, The Council

Chronological and political information

Chairman of Beyond

First appearance

Chapter 3: The High Life

Tariq is a secondary protagonist of Gods of War. He is the chairman of the great company Beyond and father of Colette.


Early Life

Tariq's wife died when Colette was a young child. She suffered a terminal illness and one night was killed by a demon.

It can be assumed Tariq had well-off life, having the resources, contacts and education to start up his company called Beyond. Over the years Beyond grew from not just household appliances, but to city planning, it absorbed military roles - starting up the Clandestines, medical practices, mining, research and other broader, more important topics of everyday life. It quickly became the most successful company in the Republic. However, it never gained a political role.

Before meeting with Fenn Tariq had been trying to land him and Beyond a role in the Council, allowing them a say in the political upkeep of the city. But the Council never deemed the company, nor Tariq, a likely or even necessary candidate and denied him a part. Tariq then started a campaign, run on the some part by his daughter, that aimed at bettering Beyond's image and convincing the Council to reconsider their repeal.

Meeting Fenn

Tariq first met Fenn when Colette and Leroux introduced him in his office. Although he was at first reluctant to hire him his daughter quickly convinced him. In a meeting with the Council Tariq was annoyed when Fenn interrupted and gave his ideas but then upon hearing that Fenn was successful in patrolling his estate and keeping his daughter safe the man rewarded Fenn with some magnetic rocket boots; the latest in Clandestine technology.

Upon learning of the relationship between his daughter and Fenn he cautioned the boy not to hurt her, shoving aside the firebender's suggestion to take an expedition to the Green. Later Colette convinced him to let the expedition happen, explaining to him that he didn't need to worry about her relationship with Fenn.

When the expedition was called back early to fight a sludge-drenched demon, Tariq used his laser gun situated at the top of the Beyond Tower to destroy the demon entirely. Because of his bravery, and the fact that the demon was considered the "last demon," Tariq was rewarded by the Council with the role of Republic President.

When Fenn came to his office to divulge his thoughts on the gang members, and talk about the assassination attempt of Colette, Tariq reassured the boy they had nothing to worry about. Days later he unveiled his latest invention for the Clandestines - the mecha-suit - receiving great praise from the press.


Tariq is a very powerful, influential man - with a hold on almost every aspect of the Republic. He is focused, and often comes off as very intimidating but deep down cares for his daughter and would do anything to protect her. He is grand and generous, and will do anything for a bit more power.


Entrepreneurial skills

Since Tariq alone started up Beyond it can be assumed he is a highly skilled businessman. He knows how to make himself look good and he knows how to garner the allegiance of others.


Since Colette is trained to use a gun, it can be assumed that Tariq is too.

Only he knows how to use the laser at the top of the Beyond Tower as it can only be accessed by his fingerprint.


  • Like all protagonists in the fanon Tariq is given a surname. The surname Yamamoto is common among wealthy families in Japan, leading to its use in the fanon.

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