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Duel at the Tea House

Ozai's Assassin

Ozai sat in his cell staring at the door waiting for the guard to bring him his food. The guard seemed to be getting later each day, and it was beginning to piss him off. He clenched and unclenched his fist thinking how lucky the man was that the Avatar took his firebending away. The guard finally walks in with his tray of slop. He gently pushed it through the bars and left without a word of his usual taunting. Ozai didn't care anymore, he simply got off his bed and grabbed his "food".

While he ate he heard the outside door open. He heard the guards welcome the newcomer. Then he heard his name mentioned. Putting his food on his plate he heard the guard tell the newcomer that he couldn't see him.

"Who is it?" Ozai called out of his cell.

"He's in there?" the newcomer said. Ozai didn't hear the guards reply, but he did hear the guard scream in pain. He listened to the whole struggle until it ended with someone being slammed into the door to Ozai's cell, bending it inward. Ozai stood paralyzed in his cell as the door burst open and jet black flames shot into the room, burning him alive.

The Avatar and The Fire Lord

Aang rode Appa to the Fire Nation Royal Palace. He chose to visit Zuko on a whim while traveling from Ba Sing Se. As Appa landed in front of the palace Zuko, his wife Mai, and his two children Lu Ten and Ursa II, walked up to the large flying bison. The two children ran up to Appa and stopped only inches from his face.

"Careful, he hasn't eaten today." Aang called from on top of Appa. Appa's tongue then shot out and licked both of the children at the same time. "Told you." They all laugh as Zuko walks up to Aang gives him a firm hand shake, while they both use firebending to heat up their palms to see who lets go first.

"Alright you win." Zuko said letting go after two minutes.

"Father can we go for a ride?" Lu Ten called from Appa's saddle. Zuko gave a short look at Aang who nodded, he then looked at Mai who rolled her eyes and started climbing on top of Appa.

"Have fun." Aang called as Appa took off. "Boy those kids have gotten big."

"They're only three and they can't get enough excitement." Zuko replied as they entered the palace. "You just came from Ba Sing Se right? How's Uncle?"

"He's doing fine." Aang answered "Before I left I visited his tea shop and played some Pai Sho. He won."

"Yeah that sounds like Uncle." Zuko said with a chuckle. The two talked until Appa brought Mai, Lu Ten and Ursa II back. As Aang was about to leave a messenger hawk landed on Zuko's shoulder. The message said his father Ozai was discovered dead in his cell. The body was severely burned and black flames were burning all around the cell. The killer also left a note for Zuko, telling him to get his sister away from the asylum if he cares for her at all.

"I've got to go." Zuko said heading for the door.

"I'm coming too." Aang called after him. "It'll be faster if we take Appa."

Agni Kai at the Asylum

As Appa approached the Asylum where Azula was being kept, the building exploded into a blaze of black flames. Appa landed in front of the burning asylum for Aang and Zuko to get off. As they ran to the entrance a young man walked out of the burning building.

"Who are you?" Zuko demanded as he and Aang dropped to a fighting stance.

"My name is Nero. I'm sorry we won't be well acquainted." The young man said before launching a black fireball at them. Aang jumped high in the air while Zuko sidestepped and launched a fireball of his own. Nero ducked under the attack and swept his leg across sending a small stream of black fire at Zuko's feet. As Zuko hopped over the fire Aang landed next to Nero using earthbending to create a fissure that launched him in the air. While Nero flew Zuko and Aang both sent streams of fire at him. Nero used his own fire to maneuver out of the way. As Nero landed Zuko sent another large fire blast at him, engulfing him. After a moment Nero emerged from the fire completely unharmed.

Zuko redirects lightning

Nero launches lightning at Zuko and Aang

Zuko and Aang stood ready for whatever Nero would throw at them next. Nero launched two large jets of fire from his hands that spiraled around each other, consuming both the Avatar and the Firelord. Nero felt a trembling under his feet and jumped up just as a large pillar of rock shot out from the ground. Nero landed as Aang and Zuko emerged from under the ground. Nero closed his fist except for his index and middle fingers as sparks of electricity shot out of them. Aang and Zuko exchanged a confident glance as Nero launched two bolts of lightning from his fingers. Aang and Zuko redirected the lightning back at Nero who took both bolts square in the chest.

Zuko walked over to the fallen assassin to discover he was miraculously still alive. As Zuko raised his fist to deliver the final blow a blood curdling scream caused him to hesitate. Sensing his chance Nero swept Zuko's legs out from under him and fled clutching his chest. Zuko watched for a moment as Nero ran, then both he and Aang ran into the burning asylum. They couldn't find anyone as they searched the place, not even a body, until they found Azula's room. Every visible inch of her skin was badly burnt. They could tell she wouldn't last another minute.

"Are you okay?" Aang asked as they flew back to the palace.

"I'm fine." Zuko replied curtly. "They both hated my guts, why would I care if they're gone?" As Zuko talked tears began forming around his eyes. Aang placed his hand on Zuko's shoulder.

"I'm sorry." was all he could say.

"So am I." was Zuko's only reply.

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