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Taobuwll (Tow-Bull) is the future daughter of Toph and Sokka. She was born 12 years after the war ended, and is tough like her mother, and a goofball like her father. Taobuwll took on her father's heritage and became a waterbender, and was taught by her Aunt Katara. Taobuwll also learned seismic sense from her mother.


Taobuwll is very strong-willed like her mother Toph, and is very silly like her father, Sokka. She enjoys hanging around with her Uncle Aang, and she eventually learned to ride giant fish, go penguin sleding, and steer Appa. There was an incident however when Taobuwll got bullied by some firebenders, and that was when her tough attitude showed. The bullies never bothered her again, much like the young firebenders that bothered her Aunt Katara, Uncle Aang, and her mother and father when they were living undercover in the Fire Nation.


Taobuwll learned the ancient art of Waterbending from her Aunt Katara. When she was 7 years old, she wanted to learn Waterbending, and knowing her father lived in the Southern Water Tribe, she went to him for training. He told her that he wasn't a bender though, but she was still determined to learn, so she went to Katara. She taught her tricks from moving water out from the ocean in into a bowl, to amazing master waterbending moves. When Taobuwll was 11 years of age, Taobuwll became a master.

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