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By MetalbenderParker Part of the Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles continuity.
たお てんば
Tao Tenba
Biographical information

United Republic of Nations


Hybrid, mostly Fire Nation


17 in New Cycle
19 in Book One: Metal
20 in Book Two: Lightning


237 AG

Physical description





1,83 m


78 kg

Hair color

Black (almost shaven)

Skin color

Light tan

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Double katana

Fighting style(s)

Karate, wing-chun, kenjutsu

Love interest(s)

Bultina Silverfox (girlfriend)


Hikar Firestone, Bultina Silverfox, Shaila, Kensi, Nikumi, Denryoku, Kimyona & Takeyon Silverfox, Rohan, Asami Sato, Opal Beifong, Aria Sato, Teokan & Natsuki Tenba, Order of the White Lotus (disbanded), Team Avatar, New Airbenders, Kosen Silverfox...


Vaatu, Dai Li, Red Lotus, Freedom Fighters (formerly), Yurei, Zhasha,

Chronological and political information

Tenba Family
Team Avatar

First appearance

New Cycle, Part 1

Voiced by

Doug Erholtz

Tao Tenba is a non-bending double-swordsman member of Team Avatar and the strongest in the group. He's a member of the Tenba family, a powerful family in the global indutry since the last 50 years, known fromits technological medical aportations in the Tenba Medical Industries. Although he's considered the smartest and strongest in Team Avatar, even though he's not pretty romantic.


He has a strong character and personality. Sometimes you can see him laughing or mocking everything, but the rest of the time he's pretty serious. Intellectually, he's a genius, but when it comes to social abilities and romanticism, he's completely useless. Hikar says he's annoying. Even though he has that double personality, he's the one with the most unique double fencing abilities.



  • Bultina: Since they were fifteen, they have been in a romantic relationship, often with discussions between them, but when Hikar expressed his real feelings towards her, although he never knew until they broke up, it made the relationship more unstable during the next two years. Finally, after their confrontation with Hakai, they broke up definitely. He hasn't been in another relationship again, having given his real love to Bultina.


  • Hikar: It was pretty much a rivalry given the fact that he was Bultina's first boyfriend, they always annoyed each other. But in tough moments, they don't doubt to help each other.
  • Kensi: They have a "bros relationship" between them, and they both go surfing with Hikar, even though Kensi always cheats.
  • Shaila: They share good times together even though they don't talk much to each other.
  • Kosen: They don't share much with one another, but Kosen always keeps an eye on him to make sure he doesn't do anything weird with her sister.



He has been training fencing ever since he was a child when he heard from his mom the stories of The Blue Spirit, wanting to be an amazing swordsman. He can fight with two swords like they are an extension of his arms, making either a spinning peg-top moving over himself or a quick slash with both arms, thanks to the fact that he can move the swords very fast.


He's very strong and at the time of fighting, he's capable of taking down anyone with or without swords, by just a couple kicks and punches. He learned a little bit of chi-blocking thanks to his girlfriend Bultina.




  • His double-fencing ability is a tribute to Zuko.
  • His name is a common Japanese name with an invented surname.
    • Tenba 天馬, literally means "pegasus".
    • His surname is one of the few existent in the Avatar universe, the others being Beifong and Sato.
  • His personality is sometimes similar to Deadpool's, although the author hasn't seen the movie, but yet he read some comics and heard his friends.
  • In the beginning, he was going to have a plantbending brother called Teokan (thanks to the fact they have water and earth in their ethnicity) who would also be in Team Avatar, but the idea was scrapped given there were already too many members in Team Avatar. The name was recycled for his father.

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