By Dragonfire333 Part of the Avatar: War of Nations continuity.
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Tao is the cousin of Mayuri, the current Avatar. He is a skilled and talented archer, tactian, and overall reliable person. He is a member of the team consisting of Kaoru and Mayuri and is a resident of a small village in the Earth Kingdom.


Tao is a twenty-one year old archer from the Makapu Village where he lives with his parents. He is the cousin of Mayuri, the new Avatar. While stuck in his little village Tao took up the talent of archery becoming a deadly archer. When he was ten he began to experiment with trick arrows such as shirshu tipped arrow heads. By the age of seventeen Tao met his cousin Mayuri and Kaoru when he left the village to go to Gaipan to visit his sister. When he questioned Mayuri about Kaoru, Kaoru butted in and told Tao what had happened in Ba Sing Se and about Myauri being the Avatar. After seeing that Kaoru is only an idiot (which Kaoru disagrees with) and not a threat, Tao decides to travel with the two on their adventures.


Tao is calm individual and can be seen as the adult between Kaoru and Mayuri childish arguments. In the heat of battle Tao utilizes his intelligence to devise plans. He is also more mature than Kaoru or Mayuri often seen apologizing for anything the two do in villages.


Tao is a skilled archer able to knock weapons from enemy hands without injuring them. He is able to notch three to four arrows at a time and use trick arrows use as Shirshu tipped arrows, and other uses. Besides being a talented archer, Tao is also adept at hand-to-hand combat and proficient in wielding a wide variety of knives that he carries on him at all times.

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