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Tatiana Rosenberg, more commonly referred to as "Tanya", was a Jewish young woman that lived in German Occupied Poland and is a protagonist in Semper Invicta.


Born and raised in Warsaw to a Jewish firebending family, young Tanya lived a relatively normal city life until the German Invasion of 1939. Following the Fall of Poland, the Jews of the city were rounded up by the German SS and placed in the Warsaw Ghetto. The family as a whole managed to avoid being deported to a concentration camp until 1943 when the Polish Home Army launched the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Unknown to Tanya, the Resistance had staged the Uprising as a means of breaking her out of the Ghetto and freeing her from German hands, a feat they were successful in. The reason for this was because the Home Army (and the Germans) had discovered that Tanya was the Avatar. Following the her escape, the AK moved her from safe house to safe house within Warsaw for a year.

In late July, 1944, Tanya was assigned protection by a young Home Army Sergeant named Henryk Piotrowski. The reason for this sudden change in protection detail was due upcoming Warsaw Uprising. While the Uprising was being staged, Henryk and Tanya were to sneak out of the city and escape to neutral Sweden, thereby preventing the Germans and the advancing Soviets from getting their hands on the Avatar.

In the few days they had together before the beginning of the Uprising, Tanya and Henryk got to know each other and became friends of a sort. But Tanya was put off by her Protector's cold demeanor. Following the beginning of the Uprising, Tanya was horrified by Henryk's sheer brutality when fighting the Germans and she fled, only to be captured by a German Patrol just beyond the Polish lines.


Despite being the most powerful living bender in the world, Tanya is a young woman filled with many fears. This makes her life rather difficult, as she often comes face to face with something she fears on a daily bases. It is these fears, (and her lack of conquering them) that often causes problems. For example, she had to be bound and gagged when being transported through the sewers by the AK due to intense fear of rats.

It was her fear, along with a combination of short sightedness that led to her being captured following the start of the Warsaw Uprising. Regardless of her fears, Tanya often strove to be the best Avatar she could and cared about those around her.

Trivia & Notes

Tanya is the second Avatar hailing from World War Two era Poland on the Fanon Portal. The first is Avatar Joel Matthews from the series Alone.

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