By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Katara, Sokka

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The Water Children PT1

Tank is a large grey rouge horse that met Katara and Sokka in the dry Altonian forests. He is a surprisingly smart fighter and was able to fend off the Velociprey that nearly killed the two Water Tribe siblings. He has a set of powerful front legs that had to be replaced with metal ones. The exact cause of how he got his metal legs is unknown, and he never likes talking about it, and often gets upset or uncomfortable when the subject comes up, as it was shown when Sokka asked about it.

He tells the siblings that they are in his territory, adding in that he was a loner. He doesn't really mind that though, saying he gets too crowded otherwise. The large Equine also offers them both a ride to the nearest town that he knew of, giving them that option or that of becoming lunch for the raptors. With that, he got up with the two children on his back and he galloped off towards the next village.

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