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Tan Shi
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The House of Death

Tan Shi is a pious, greedy, and cowardly old priest who serves as the top religious authority of Sakiya. He is very strict about his cult, though nobody seems to really pay him much mind. He uses his religious cult to weasel himself out of many situations. Although he dresses in modest attire, his abode is not at all humble.


Tan Shi was born and raised in Sakiya. Not being a Firebender or exceptionally strong, he was often mocked by his peers. He started researching the history of the Fire Nation and soon realized that religion played a rather big role. He began his theological studies at the age of 17 and soon usurped the role of Head Priest. He completely changed the spiritual rites in order to suit him; dramatic and extravagant. He has always striven to become a Fire Sage, for this would put him into even greater power, though he has never achieved this goal.


During the drafting of Sakiya, Tan Shi had many "visions" and made many predictions and offerings to the sun. He stated that he will be the great link between the sun and the mortals and needed to be in prime condition in order to communicate on a spiritual level. This included expanding the temple, in effect his home, and leaving many offerings of gold to him and the spirits.

When the Thieves of the West attempted to kill Ji Qing, Tan Shi was threatened with his life for information. At first Tan Shi protested, stating that the sun will not grant the Fire Nation victory if he is killed, but soon after he passed the buck to Munni.

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