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"Everything is going to be SUPER!"
— Tam Mee after the failed Invasion of Kein Forest in Advice from the Fallen
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Tam Mee
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The Fire Lord's Son

Tam Mee is the daughter of Regional Queen Ty Lee and the heiress of the Earth Kingdom. Her father, Chong, is a nobleman as well. Tam Mee, like her mother, is very bubbly, ditsy, and sweet.

Tam Mee grew up with wealth and two loving parents. She befriended Princess Mitsuki and Quanlee when she was an infant. She readily assisted Mitsuki in hunting down Team Rebel, all the while maintaining a happy personality. She is one of Mitsuki's major tools for world domination, as she assisted in the conspiracy on the Rebel City, thereby indirectly helping her nation achieve its long-awaited goal of total world domination.

Tam Mee, like her mother, dons the special skill of Chi-blocking. Her flexibility and physical strength also make her a formidable opponent against anyone.




Just four days after the birth of her best friend Mitsuki and 2 years after her other best friend, Quanlee, Tam Mee was born. She grew up in a wonderful environment, with a wonderful mother and father who cared very much for her. She met Mitsuki and Quanlee when she was an infant, and the three became fast friends. She learned Chi Blocking, martial arts skills, and many acrobatic skills from her mother, as the two were inseparable. Tam Mee soon started to grow up as an airhead, and became somewhat of a diva, though she still maintained her family's sweet disposition. She got poor grades in many of her classes, but this did not change her mother's, Mitsuki's or even Azula's opinion of her, as Azula actually came to care for the girl in some ways, though no where near as much as Ty Lee cared for Mitsuki.

Becoming an Heiress

When Ty Lee was promoted to Ruler of the Earth Kingdom (minus Phoenix City), Tam Mee was allowed to drop out of school, however, she still had to take some at home classes on politics. She and her mother and father soon moved to New Ozai, though they stayed in close contact with their friends back in the Fire Nation. Ty Lee continued to train with her, and Tam Mee continued to hang out with her friends and be a diva.

Hunting Team Rebel


After congratulating Mitsuki for performing a gracious Firebending move, she and Quanlee are both informed of Mitsuki's plan to make Chen leave the Fire Nation, with Tam Mee expressing excitement over the plan. After Chen left, she was indirectly appointed by Azula to capture and bring Chen back, dead or alive.

A Chase through the Fire Nation

Ty Lee's agility

Tam Mee sneaks up on Team Rebel

Tam Mee, Mitsuki, and Quanlee first faced off with Tea Rebel while Chen was telling Mina and Kaila about his life in the palace. Tam Mee was able to hit Kaila's arm, though not enough to completely paralyze it. Tam Mee and the rest of the girls continued to pursue the team, with Tam Mee acting goofy and ditsy every step of the way. Eventually the two trios fought on a train. Tam Mee battled with Kaila evenly for a few minutes, though she soon was able to defeat Kaila. Mina saved her friends by stopping the train suddenly, throwing a confused Tam Mee, and Mitsuki and Quanlee off the train.

Tam Mee, Mitsuki, and Quanlee eventually located the team in Ember Island. Tam Mee was able to quickly paralyze Chen by surprise, and defeat Mina in battle, while Mitsuki fought Kaila. Mitsuki was pushed off the mast just before she was able to kill Kaila, however, by a mysterious creature. Kaila, now free, snuck up on Tam Mee (and Quanlee) and pinned them both to the ground with a large blade. The team escaped, though Mitsuki realized that the team's escape may lead to a victory for the Fire Nation. As usual, Tam Mee does not understand, though she did play along.

Battle at Kein Forest

After overseeing the modifications of many airships and Mitsuki's personal Royal Jet, Tam Mee, along with Quanlee, accompanied Mitsuki on her invasion of the Rebel City in Kein Forest. Not so long after the soldiers are deployed, Mitsuki gives Tam Mee and Quanlee the mission to fight Chen and his little girlfriends. Tam Mee is very enthusiastic about doing so. When the rebels retreat to the second level, Tam Mee jumps out of the Royal Jet with Quanlee by her side, and the two attack. Chen and Kaila prepare to fight them, Chen getting ready to fight Tam Mee. Instead, however, she runs right by him.

Ty Lee blocks chi

Tam Mee defeats the last of an entire battalion of rebels

While Quanlee fights Kaila (in which Chen is too hesitant to fight Quanlee along Kaila's side) Tam Mee attacks the other rebels. She quickly takes away a Waterbending rebel, Ray's, bending, and draws the attention of an Earthbender, Giu for her looks. She does such great damage to the rebel troops, that Kambi, the leader orders his men to flee upon seeing her. Eventually, Tam Mee returns to fight by Quanlee's side, and paralyzes Kaila. Finally, Chen stands up for Kaila and attacks Quanlee, and Tam Mee only watches as Quanlee bitterly tells Chen she hates him.

At that moment Kambi then surrenders with the hopes of saving his fellow rebels. Tam Mee then approaches him, ready to block his chi, though suddenly, Chen enters the Avatar State, revealing he is the Avatar, in which Tam Mee can only watch in shock. Tam Mee and Quanlee then flee to the safety of Mitsuki's armada, with most of the other Fire Nation soldiers following her. She and Quanlee then board an emergency ship, escaping from the fury of the Avatar State. She and Quanlee, along with the rest of Mitsuki's armada, then set sail to the Capital by Mitsuki's order.

New Plans

After the battle, Tam Mee, along with Mitsuki and Quanlee, returns to the Capital. The minute she arrives, she is called over to an emergency war meeting with Azula, Mitsuki, her mother, Mai and Z.Z. In the meeting, Tam Mee is at first silent, though eventually she blurts out to Azula that Mitsuki has a back-up plan. Tam Mee then leaves with everyone else, while Azula and Mitsuki discuss the plan privately.

Tam Mee also assists Mitsuki in attacking three rebel girls. She, Mitsuki, and Quanlee win, and decide to steal the rebel girl's clothing.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Under a fake rebel persona, Tam Mee, Mitsuki, and Quanlee are able to pass security without trouble. An unknowing Kambi welcomes them, and Mitsuki immediately begins her plan. After the three girls gain Kambi's trust, he lets them into a secret meeting and he shows his ultimate trust by showing them the master plans. Mitsuki has Tam Mee distract Kambi, and Tam Mee does so long enough for her friend to steal the plans. In the morning, Kambi calls the girls in, and informs them that he thinks they may have stolen the plans. After the girls reveal their identity, Kambi goes to call for help, though Tam Mee blocks his chi before he can.

Afterward, Tam Mee assists Mitsuki in arresting Kambi. When Mitsuki leaves, Tam Mee stays guard with Quanlee in the throne room. It is not long before Ray and Giu arrive to save their friend. Tam Mee briefly duels Giu, and eventually blocks his chi. Tam Mee then leaves to assist Mitsuki in her battle with Mina. She arrives just in time, and ends up saving Mitsuki from an arrow shooting straight at her. Tam Mee is highly enthusiastic after Mitsuki states that the Rebel City has been conquered. She is a bit concerned for Chen, however, though no where near as much as Quanlee.


Like her mother, Tam Mee is bubbly, ditsy, and goofy. She is slightly air-headed, ergo Mitsuki enjoys calling her "stupid". Tam Mee is a kind, compassionate girl, but being friends with Mitsuki somewhat makes her shallow and sightly mean on occasions. She is never above teasing Mitsuki's brother, Chen, calling him a cutie-pie just to annoy him and Quanlee. Tam Mee also displays great loyalty to her friend, Mitsuki, sometimes being a "kiss-up", though she treats Quanlee as an equal. Tam Mee is also very sensitive, and, though she tries to hide it, is deeply hurt by Mitsuki's insults toward her, and is one of the only people who can make Mitsuki feel slightly remorseful.


Tam Mee, like her mother, is an amazing acrobat. She is usually cart-wheeling or standing on her hands while mobile. She, like her mother, is very skilled in the art of Chi-blocking, as she was taught the skill by her mother at a very young age, though her mother used kindness instead of harshness. In battle, Tam Mee may seem weak, and a damsel in distress, though she is powerful enough to defeat an entire team of men without trying. Her skills were fine enough for Azula to allow Mitsuki to take Tam Mee on her mission to arrest the now-fugitive Chen for treason.

Tam Mee's skills seem to be on an even higher level that Ty Lee's were when she was fourteen. This can interpreted through Tam Mee's strength and ability to takes down dozens of trained rebels in just a few minutes while participating in the Battle of Kein Forest. Her skills are also shown to be superior to those of Giu, though this is slightly because her attractiveness prevented him from taking her on as a serious opponent.

Non-canon Appearances

Tam Mee also appears in the non-canon crossover, Clash or Worlds. She first appears in Part 2, in which she is depicted as her normal goofy self. While shopping at a mall in Phoenix City, she comes across Princess Tia. The two have a quick conversation, but when Tia brings up that she likes to save people, Tam Mee loses interest in her, and skips away with her shopping bags in hand.

Tam Mee also makes a brief appearance in Part 3. She, along with Quanlee and Mitsuki (separately) follows the rebels to Avatar Mian's world. She doesn't speak, though it is shown that she still has her shopping bags with her.

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