This episode contains content that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 15.
Read with caution.

Strong Sexual Situations
Yaoi Situations
Strong Language
Tales of the Northern Tribe
Chapter information

The Chronicles of Ian


Book One: Water



Written by

Ian Bernard


Ian Bernard

Release date

October 15, 2010

Last chapter

The Avatar Has Arrived

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Episode Description

Tales of the Northern Tribe is Episode 3 of my Fan-Fiction, The Chronicles of Ian. This fun episode tell short stories on what Team Avatar is doing in the Northern Water Tribe before the Fire Nation begins their surprise attack.


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Tales of the Northern Tribe

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The Fire Nation Attacks
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The Avatar Has Arrived
Chronicles of Ian

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  1. The Water Tribe Boy
  2. The Avatar Has Arrived
  3. Tales of the Northern Tribe
    1. Myra's Big Day
    2. Sokka's Lucky Break
    3. Katara & Aang's
      Dinner Date
    4. Ian's Walk With Jet
  4. The Fire Nation Attacks
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  • None released

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