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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Tales of Yukio Book One. It also has the Prologue for Book Two.

Extras From Book One
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Extras Chapter One, Nami

As I washed my face, I wondered if I looked like my siblings. If maybe, when I saw myself, I was seeing my mother or father. "Kaage?" I asked. He was out in the living room watching a mover. He turned the volume down.

"Yeah, Nami?" He asked. "What's up?" He asked, genuinely sounding concerned. Kaage was a good husband to me. He stood up from his chair, sat in his wheelchair, and rolled into the bathroom, where I was. "Is everything- oh Nami," he said, taking me in his arms and pulling me to his lap when he saw that I was crying. "It'll be okay, Nami. We can look for your father."

"My mom is dead, Kaage. She's the only one who knows where he could be," I said through tears.

"We could call the Northern Water Tribe Embassy. Or the United Republic. Or-"

"Kaage, we don't have money for that. You are sick."

"Nami, there is government help. We can-"

"I have to find him," I said.

"I wish I could go with you."

"It's not good for your health, Kaage. Travelling is not an option for you when you can barely walk."

Kaage didn't have any room to argue. He was sick. He was dying of a cancer that even the best doctors couldn't heal. And Spirit Water didn't just walk into the South Pole. Plus, it would just get stolen by the mail system. "Will you stay with me until I die?"

"Of course, Kaage. I don't want to leave you," I said.

"Nami, I know I can't provide for you right now. And I know I don't have anything I could leave you with-"

I sighed. "Kaage, I can take care of myself. And it's not like you're going to die tomorrow. You have a lot of time." I figured if I said it enough, I'd start to believe it. Kaage kissed me.

"Nami, you have to break out of your denial. I could die anytime. I don't know how many times I have to tell you that I love you. My days are numbered. And I want you to be able to take care of yourself, Seiji, Takara, and Tamae," Kaage said. I winced when he said our sons' names.

"I'll be fine, Kaage," I said, leaning down to kiss him.

"Stop distracting me," Kaage said, kissing me again, "What are you going to do with the boys while you look for your father?"

"Your mom is going to take them. And I'll get them once I meet him. And besides, my half-brother has a son who is the same age as Tamae. His name is Yukio, I think."

"Does your brother know about you?" Kaage asked.

"I don't know. But that's what my mother told me."

"Nami, what are you going to say to this man that divorced your, at the time, pregnant mother?"

"I don't know, Kaage," I admitted, "But I have to see him. He has to be real."

Chapter Two of Nami

Life doesn't have any justice, does it? I thought as I sat in the front pew with my sons. Tamae, my oldest, held his youngest brother, Seiji, on his lap, trying his hardest not to cry. I had my arm around Takara's shoulders as he cried. And my eyes were completely dry. I had to chant don't cry in my head about a million times. Tamae, Takara and Seiji need me to be strong was my mantra.

"Friends, brothers," the chief of the Southern Water Tribe said. "We are here to honor Kaage. He was an honored member of the Southern Water Tribe Navy. He also served as a healer in the emergency room for twelve years before becoming a councilman in Republic City for four years. He worked closely alongside the Order of the White Lotus and was best friends with King Myung Dae.

"Kaage came back to the South Pole where he married his wife, Nami. A year later Tamae was born. Two years after Tamae was born, Takara was born. And six years later, Seiji was born. Nami is expecting a daughter now, who will be named Magena. Tamae has a few words to honor his father."

I picked up Seiji from Tamae's lap. Tamae kissed our foreheads before walking to the podium. "Hi. My name is Tamae. I'm fourteen years old. My father was important to me. He taught me so many things. He taught me how to be a man. He showed me how a man should love his wife and children. He taught me more than he could ever know.

"I remember him singing me to sleep when I was little. He was a terrible singer," Tamae said. We all laughed. "I never told him that, though. Mostly because I am, too. I get it from him.

"When I look in the mirror, I always imagine him beside me. While I have my mom's eye color, everything else is like him. Sometimes, I catch my mom looking at Seiji, Takara, and me. I can tell she sees our dad in us.

"Most little kids say that they want to be just like their dad or mom when they grow up. Even though in a year, I'll be considered a man, I still say that I want to be just like my dad. My brothers and I all agree that our dad taught us how to fight through our struggles. And even though Seiji is only six years old, I believe he understands perfectly.

"Today, I don't just grieve for my dad. I grieve for my friend."

Extras, Dukran's First Son

The very pregnant Fire Lord stood up as the citizens cheered in anticipation for the gender reveal of the new Prince or Princess. Her husband, King Myung Dae, sat in the chair next to her and held their three-year-old daughter, Hana. Her mother, Kew, stood next to her. Everyone in attendance wore white, as if there was a funeral. Fire Lord Dukran felt uneasy. She couldn't claim morning sickness anymore – she was too far along in her pregnancy for that – but she wanted to be sick. She didn't know how the citizens would react to the news of the child. How could she tell them that the new baby was not a Firebender? Even her husband did not know. And her daughter would be extremely disappointed that she wouldn't have anyone to teach Firebending to. She couldn't lie to her people.

Dukran stepped up to the podium. "Hello. Thank you for coming. As soon as I found out that I was pregnant, I knew I couldn't wait to tell you all more about the baby. And I've kept the baby's gender a secret from everyone, including my mother and husband. So, without further ado, the baby is..." Dukran took a deep breath, "a Fire Prince!" she said feigning excitement. "His name will be Tae Hun after my husband's late father." She visibly braced herself for the next statement. "And he's an Earthbender," she finished. Everyone was silent for a moment. Dukran stopped breathing for a moment: It was as if she could hear the crowd's brains processing this detail.

Since Myung Dae, Kew, Hana, and Dukran herself were Firebenders, it was assumed that all of the children would be Firebenders. In fact, there hadn't been an Earthbender since Fire Lord Femila, Kew's grandmother, who lived during the years of Avatar Akari, who lived about ninety one years ago from that date. But still, the people were silent.

Then, just a few seconds later, the crowd erupted in applause and cheering. Dukran exhaled in relief. But out of the corner of her eye, Fire Lord Dukran saw her husband hand Hana to Kew, and he walked off into the palace, hanging his head. Dukran thought to herself, He's disappointed. But Dukran didn't know the half of it. She didn't know that fifteen years later, King Myung Dae would disown his own son, Tae Hun, who would become friends with the Avatar.

Or that Myung Dae, the Fire King, would plot to kill her and the rest of their family twenty-two years later.

The Diary of Lyn-Chen

18 Years Ago

Most people's first memories are about their first stuffed animal or a smile. My first memory wasn't like that at all.

My first memory was a vision. A vision of my death. I was two years old when it happened. I was meditating in the Southern Air Temple's sanctuary, and all of a sudden, a bright light seemed to flash from outside of my eyelids. I determined, even at such a young age, that this light wasn't normal. It was blinding. I wanted to squint, but I couldn't. Then, I was sucked into a vision of vivid color. "Ani! Don't push me in!" I heard myself say, "I can't swim!" "Waterbend, Lyn-Chen! I know you can do it!" a womanly voice – Ani? – encouraged.

I saw myself fall into the deep water. I saw myself struggling. I was flailing and gasping for air. I could see myself choking. My hair was tangled around my face shielding my eyes. Then, I stopped. My body went limp, I smiled, and I sunk deeper and deeper until my body faded from my view. The last thing I saw was the older woman's terrified face before she dove in the water.

That was just the beginning of course. I saw thousands over visions over my brief life. Some were simple: Just the weather or what I'd wear the next day. But others were more complex: Like my Airbending tattoos or becoming a nun. The biggest one, of course, was learning that I was the Avatar.

I was trained in Air Nomad history first. I knew about the past Air Nomadic Avatars before me: Aang and Yang-Chen. Then, the other Avatars directly behind me: the Fire Avatar, Akari, then the Earth Avatar, Hyun-Ki, then the Water Avatar, Korra. Little did my teachers know, I could see visions of my successors, the Water Avatar Yukio – who would be called Taylor – and the Earth Avatar, Kyla.

On the day of my death, I wrote letters to my people. The most important one was to my older sister, Hitomi. I wrote her a letter about where to find my diary, which held the only secret worth staying a secret: The identity of the new Avatar, and the woman who would give birth to him. But what I didn't know, even with all my visions, was that I chose to die.

The Names

  • None of the characters have Chinese names in Book One.
  • Almost all of the characters have Korean names. The only Japanese names so far are Yukio and Hana.
  • Yukio's name was originally going to be Noatok, but I changed it when LoK revealed the name.
  • Kohanna's name changed in every draft of Chapter 6: Sunki, Kami, Kemila, Huyana, and Sumi were just a few of her names.
  • Yukio's mom was originally named Malina.
  • Chi-Ji and ChoHee's names were originally swapped. (ChoHee's name was Chi-Ji, Chi-Ji's name was ChoHee.)
  • The author almost gave every character an English name, but she wanted to at least preserve some of the Asian names.
  • All of the Water Tribe characters in Book One have Inuit names except Yukio
  • Many of the characters in Book Two will have Native American names. For example, Lyn-Chen's surname is "Ayunli", which means "Leader of Dance".

Some Facts About the Characters


  • Tae Hun (David's real name) means "Greatness and Honor". It is a play on Zuko's goal in ATLA.
  • David is a lot like the author's oldest brother in this book.
  • David's looks are not described in the first book in detail, but for the record, he has very curly hair.
  • David is twenty one years old.
  • David and Chi-Ji have a very close relationship.
  • David's original love interest was going to be ChoHee.
  • David is not a master Earthbender yet.


  • Dong Min (Caleb's real name) is actually a unisex name. "Min" is usually a suffix for a Korean girl's name.
  • "Dong Min" means Cleverness.
  • Caleb and David share a really close bond. Caleb was practically raised by David.
  • Caleb is an Earthbender. The chance of Dukran and Myung Dae (his parents) having an Earthbender in their family is only a 25% chance in a basic Punnet Square, since his parents are heterozygous Firebenders. The chance of having two Earthbending sons is even lower. Of course, that is if bending is solely based
  • Caleb is also a Metalbender.


  • ChoHee is the author's favorite character to write.
  • ChoHee raised MiHee, much like David raised Caleb.
  • ChoHee's father died shortly after MiHee was born.
  • ChoHee's mother is remarried to the king of Omashu, but ChoHee has never been to Omashu.
  • ChoHee was not originally Taylor's love interest.
  • ChoHee is not from the same part of Kyoshi Island that the Kyoshi Warriors in ATLA are from, so her uniform is different.
  • ChoHee was originally going to be the main character.
  • In the first drafts of Tales of Yukio, ChoHee was going to be the Avatar. That idea was scrapped quickly.


  • Stella was originally going to be nineteen, but it didn't fit her personality.
  • Stella was originally going to be part of Team Avatar.
  • Stella's original character description said she had blonde hair and dark brown freckles. Then, she became a brunette. And she finally evolved into having black hair.
  • Stella speaks each nation's language proficiently.
  • If the Earth King were to die, Stella would become queen, due to her high rank in society.
  • Stella is not married and has no children of her own. She considers each generation of students she has taught as her children.


  • MiHee was originally going to die in Chapter Seven, but I wanted the story to stay PG on this site and on
  • MiHee is not mentioned much in Book Two.
  • MiHee is a better traditional Earthbender than ChoHee, but ChoHee is better at seismic sense.


  • Chi-Ji was originally going to be Taylor's love interest.
  • Chi-Ji was originally going to be sixteen years old, but as soon as the author wrote her character sketch, she knew that Chi-Ji and MiHee were going to hit it off. So Chi-Ji was aged down to fourteen.
  • Chi-Ji is the idea-girl of this Team Avatar.
  • Chi-Ji was originally going to be skilled in Broadswords, much like Zuko, but the author felt that archery would be ironic for a bubbly girl that can't sit still to be patient enough to learn.

Last, but certainly not least, YUKIO!

  • Yukio didn't know that he was the Avatar until he was sixteen.
  • Yukio is half Southern and half Northern Water Tribe.
  • Yukio dresses very similarly to Sokka, but has shaggy hair like Zuko in Season Three of ATLA.
  • At the end of Book One, Taylor is a master Earthbender and a master Waterbender.
  • Taylor can Bloodbend very well, but he has never used it maliciously. His grandfather showed him how to make blood clot with Bloodbending while working in the hospital.
  • Taylor can use Psychic Bloodbending, but he doesn't know it yet.
  • So far, Taylor has had five bending teachers: Keskae (his grandfather), Anana (His mother), Stella, David, and Chi-Ji.

And Finally, The Prologue for Book Two

Since she met the Avatar, Kohanna spent a lot of time outside in the dark. She even shied away from the light. She didn't want to see whom she was becoming or where her life was going. She just sat and stared at the moon from the deck of the yacht. She knew that her kids were seeing the same moon, wherever they were. She thought back to her childhood. She was always outside at night. She was the bravest of her adoptive siblings. And her adoptive parents didn't mind much. After all, she was just Waterbending. Her brother was never brave enough to camp outside with her.

But he was brave enough to beat her. But only at night. But he hadn't done that in years. So Kohanna became a stronger Waterbender until she could beat him up. After that, Kohanna wasn't afraid of the dark. "Kohanna, did you really think that your father would let this slide? Don't you think that your actions were a little treacherous?" Yuseo asked. He was always so calm, even when he was angry. He was still extremely scary. He put Kohanna on edge because she could imagine him screaming at her and hitting her again. But Yuseo never did. He knew she was stronger than him.

"Yes. I do think it was treachery. But I have a problem with capturing a family member. It just goes against my morals," Kohanna answered.

"What morals? You are a thief. You have killed people. You have no morals. But I see your problem. Your father wouldn't like this," Yuseo replied.

"True," Kohanna said. "But I can do other things for the plan. Besides, what were we going to do with the Avatar anyway? We can't take him to my father."

"I don't know what we'd do. Your dad has a plan that I'm in charge of carrying out," he said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Yuseo was becoming frustrated with his adopted sister. Kohanna never did anything right in his eyes. He had given her a simple task. How hard could catching a seventeen-year-old be? After all, he was just a Waterbender. Kohanna was more than proficient in Waterbending than anyone could ever be. A child could never take that title from her. Or could he?

Yuseo thought for a few more moments. Kohanna looked extremely repentant. He thought about a job that he could give his sister. "Okay, okay," Yuseo said. "I think I can pull some strings. Kohanna, how opposed are you to setting off more bombs?" "Not really opposed," Kohanna answered.

"Good. We'll set some off in Yu Dao. People will think it's just the Shirshu Gang again. It's the perfect crime."

"Is that who blew up Ba Sing Se? I assumed it was us," Kohanna said.

"Yup. The Shirshu Gang are the supporters of Myung Dae. The Independent Nation is going to stay out of this for a while. We need to wait it out."

"What do we do if the Avatar masters all of the elements?" Kohanna asked.

"Always the pessimist, Kohanna. That's not good for your health," Yuseo said shaking his head. He shook his dark hair out from his eyes. He rubbed her cheek. Kohanna swatted it away.

"Since when have you cared about my health?" She asked, incredulous.

"Since always."

"What about that time I broke my arm?" She asked bitterly. "You laughed and wouldn't heal me."

"That's because healing is for girls. And get over it already. You're such a big baby, Kohanna."

"Shut up, Yuseo."

"You're a brat."

"Then why do you keep me around? I could be at home. Tamae is about to graduate. I could be with him."

"I need you, Nami," Yuseo said. Yuseo saying Kohanna's name hit a nerve. Kohanna was ashamed of her actions now, but she got paid so much that it didn't matter that much. All of her boys could go to college in Ba Sing Se with the money she earned. "Don't call me that. My actions are too disgraceful for my name."

"Sorry, Kohanna. You're right," Yuseo said, feigning remorse. He smiled at her. Kohanna frowned. Kaage said that I need to take care of myself and the kids, she reminded herself. This life may not be what Kaage had in mind, but it did put Sea Prunes on the table. And what Tamae, Takara, Seiji, and Magena didn't know wouldn't hurt them. "Kohanna, I think you need to go home and see the kids. Obviously, you have a connection with the Avatar that is preventing you from capturing him." Kohanna thought that this might be a trap. "Who is going to capture the Avatar?" She asked. She already knew the answer, but she hoped her gut would be wrong. She didn't want Taylor to be hurt and she knew Yuseo wouldn't be merciful.

"Isn't it obvious?" Yuseo said, smiling. "I will capture him."

"Don't get cocky, Yuseo. He is an excellent bender. Probably even more than his mother and father. And even better than I am," Kohanna warned.

"I'm sure he is very scary. He's just a little boy, Kohanna. How tough could he actually be?"

"He's the Avatar, Yuseo. The most powerful being in the world. He ran off the Shirshu Gang, just with his Waterbending in the Avatar State. No offense, Yuseo, but I don't think you stand a chance," Kohanna said, maliciously preying on her brother's insecurities.

Yuseo pinched the bridge of his nose again. A shudder went through him, and Kohanna instantly felt guilt. "Maybe not, Kohanna. And now that he's in the Fire Nation learning Firebending, I know it'll be tougher. That's why I sent you to do it," Yuseo said with his head down. He secretly had a smile on his face.

"Okay, Yuseo. I will try again."

"That's a good girl. And I'm actually going to capture the next best person to lure him to us," Yuseo said.

"And who would that be?"

"The Fire Lord." Kohanna desperately tried to keep her jaw from dropping Kaage had been friends with Firelord Dukran back when she was still a princess. He delivered Dukran's first two children. Kohanna thought carefully about her next words. She then decided that it was too late to be cautious. "She's pregnant. How dare you try to capture a pregnant woman! That's sick. Yuseo, I've heard you spew a lot of garbage, but that is by far the worst."

Yuseo laughed. "I know you have history with the Firelord. Bring me Yukio within two months, or I'll capture Dukran. Your choice."

"You're sick. You're completely disgusting and vile," Kohanna said.

"What was your first clue?"

Later that night, when Kohanna couldn't sleep, she made a phone call. "Sorry, Hitomi. I know it's late, but someone is after Dukran."

"Where are you, Nami?" Mother Hitomi asked.

"I can't say," Kohanna said to the nun.

"Why not? I can help you."

"Don't worry about me. I'm worried about Taylor. And if someone's after Dukran, they are coming for Anana, Stella, Ani, and you. But Taylor is the first priority. The Independent Nation wants to kill Raava. And to kill Raava, they have to kill Taylor in the Avatar State," Kohanna said, starting to cry. Kohanna heard footsteps. "I have to go! Don't tell anyone you have talked to me. And take good care of my kids." Kohanna hung up the phone just as the door opened.

"I knew I couldn't trust you, daughter," the leader of the Independent Nation said.

"What are you going to do to me?" Kohanna asked, suddenly very afraid of the dark.

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