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Chapter Two: ChoHee and Hana

It had been a week since I met Hana. While I liked her, she made me extremely nervous.

I felt like there was something off about her. She seemed to appear randomly. Whenever she gave a compliment to someone, it was always backhanded. She never said please and thank you when people did stuff for her. I noticed that she always watched me when I was with Taylor, even if Taylor and I weren't touching or talking to each other. I just assumed her strange behavior was directed toward the fact that Kyoshi Warriors had been guards for the Royal Family and it was weird to see one actually being friends with her siblings. But even when I was out of uniform, she still made me feel awkward.

It didn't bother me until she started being rude to MiHee. Even though MiHee took it good-naturedly, she confided in me that Hana upset her. I told her that she needed to stand up to Hana if she was hurting her feelings. MiHee melted my heart when she said, "I'm supposed to be respectful to adults. I'm not an equal to her."

It got personal when she hurt MiHee's feelings. She was barely able to walk, so getting her upset was not smart. I knew that the next day, I was going to confront Hana. I was just going to say, 'look, Hana, you need to stop.' But I just couldn't do it. I even told Taylor about it. He said, "Well, ChoHee, I don't know what to tell you. If you want change, you have to be the catalyst."

So when I woke up, I skipped breakfast and went straight to Hana's room. I knocked on the door. I heard sniffles. "Hana?" I asked cautiously. "Can I come in?" When Hana didn't reply, I just walked into the room like I owned the place.

Hana was sitting at her large, teak desk with her head in her hands. I wanted to walk closer to her, but something held me in my place. Patience, ChoHee, I felt Stella's words come to the forefront of my mind.

I then decided that in this case, talking wasn't going to help Hana. Hana was similar to myself in that aspect. So I did what MiHee and my mom did for me. I closed the gap between us and hugged her. She shrugged me off to hand me a piece of paper.

On white, formal cardstock, the letter from King Myung Dae said:

My dearest, Hana. I felt that I needed to tell you I'm leaving. I have an entire world to convert, and I want you to be the War Minister. You are smart and resourceful, and I need you in my arsenal. You'll finally prove yourself ready for attaining the Fire Lord position. I'm going to fulfill Firelord Sozin and Firelord Ozai's wishes in becoming the Phoenix King. I love you so much, Hana. If you decide to join me, my last day in the homeland is Sunday the 26th.

See you soon, Myung Dae

I didn't know what to say to Hana. "I want to be Fire Lord, but not like this. I don't want to upset him. What do I do? I can't betray my people," she said.

"I think we need to just tell your mom. She could probably help you," I said. I didn't think it was good advice, but Taylor didn't need to be bothered by this when he was trying to master the elements. He was doing so well.

Plus, Hana probably wouldn't want to share the letter with Taylor. If she didn't respect me, she treated Taylor like dirt. Taylor either didn't realize it, or didn't care enough to stop it, because he never seemed to show any rudeness back to her. In fact, he was nothing but polite to her. Of course, that was one of my favorite things about Taylor; He was always respectful.

"We can't, ChoHee," Hana said, using my name to my face for the first time. "She can't know about this. She's pregnant. She can't defend herself right now. It's not safe to Firebend while you're pregnant."

"You think your father is going to attack?" I asked.

"I doubt it. If he were, he would tell me so Chi-Ji and I could get out. He'd leave a way for us. Besides, why would he attack the homeland? That would be dumb; his people love him," Hana responded.

I thought about my next statement carefully. "Maybe we should tell Taylor. He is the Avatar. Handling this kind of stuff is his job."

I really didn't want to bother him. He was actually at school at that moment. But Hana shook her head no. "He's at school," Hana said, shocking me. I didn't know that she cared about Taylor's well-being at all. "Besides he's got other things to deal with. He still has to figure out who did that bombing."

"These things could be connected, Hana. Think about it. Only a few people have enough money to access so many bombs. And you said that the Fire Nation loves the king. I don't think it would be hard to get supporters," I said.

"I'm betting that it was the Independent Nation," Hana said. "They could have the resources, too."

"That's true, but they don't have numbers on their side. Chi-Ji said there were thousands of soldiers. There is no way that a couple hundred people or less could devastate an entire city," I said, trying not to sound argumentative.

Hana seemed to think about it. "Maybe we should talk about this with Chi-Ji, David, Taylor and MiHee. If we all put our heads together, we could crack this."

Just then, there was a knock at the door. "It's open," Hana said.

"I think I can help you," a dark-haired woman said from the doorway.

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