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January 25, 2014

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Chapter 13: The Agenda

Myung Dae and Keskae sat down at the table in the Republic City Council Hall. They both knew what the other had come for and they already knew the ending of their conversation.

"Hello, King Myung Dae," Keskae said, pulling out a chair to sit down.

"It's nice to see you again, sir," Myung Dae replied. "Welcome to Republic City. How can I help you today?"

"I've heard about your plan to convert the world," Keskae said.

Myung Dae wasn't surprised. "I figured you'd find out."

Keskae smiled. "I don't like to call the members 'spies', but that's kind of how the Independent Nation works."

"It's effective, Keskae. I admire that."

"Thank you. I'm not really as concerned about the Fire Nation potentially starting a war, as I am about the Avatar," Keskae admitted, kindly.

"Honestly, I don't see the Avatar as much of a threat currently. He's in Yu Dao, as far as Hana knows," Myung Dae responded.

"He's not currently, I agree. But he's already mastered Earthbending and Waterbending. Fire is next."

"I'm not concerned with Yukio."

"You should be. Yukio is a very capable young man. He's tough. He will put up a fight. Just like he went into the Avatar State in Ba Sing Se to chase all of your rebels out of the city. He has raw talent that I haven't seen in any bender, Avatar or otherwise. And when he can use the Avatar State freely, he'll be unstoppable."

Myung Dae was surprised by Keskae's knowledge of the Collapse. Myung Dae covered his mouth and narrowed his eyes. "So what do you think we should do?" he asked the old man.

"I say we make it as hard as possible for Yukio to master Airbending," Keskae answered.

"Where is he going to train?"

"As far as I know, probably with Mother Hitomi on Air Temple Island," Keskae answered.

"How do you know?" Myung Dae asked skeptically.

"Hitomi is my daughter-in-law's friend. It would only make sense for him to train with her."

"Well, Hana had a small bombing plan to take the city," Myung Dae said, leaning across the table slightly. "But we can alter it. We can set off bombs, but not take the city just yet."

"But Yukio doesn't trust you anymore, Myung Dae. He has been travelling with your children."

"True. And he trusts them. So what we do is team up. Your guys can plant the bomb, and we'll have Hana set off the bomb with a remote," Myung Dae said, leaning in closer to Keskae.

"How would this help us get Yukio?"

"We don't have to get him. We just need to stall him long enough for Sozin's Comet to come around again at the end of the summer. We can stop him then. His Waterbending will be weaker and we'll be more powerful."

"That wouldn't work for me. I am a Waterbender," Keskae countered.

"Hm," Myung Dae said thinking. "Well, let's corner him, then," Myung Dae finally decided. "We can trap him with an invasion force. You have spies and I have soldiers."

"I want the satisfaction of ending the Avatar State," Keskae demanded.

"You will have it. But you don't need bending to do that."

"That's true. So we team up?" Keskae asked.

"We team up," Myung Dae clarified. "Two masterminds working for the same goal."

"We are visionaries!" Keskae agreed.

End of Book Two: Thanks for sticking with me so long, guys. Love you so much! -Stephanie

Time for the last Behind the Scenes of Book Two!

  • This chapter was originally called "The Poker Face", but the editor thought that it might be a bad reference to the author's love of Lady Gaga.
  • This chapter has also been called "The Visionaries".
  • Recap: Myung Dae wants to claim the world under the rule of Fire Nation, and Keskae is trying to end the Avatar State.
  • Mother Hitomi, Taylor's future Airbending master, does not live on Air Temple Island. She is actually the Mother Superior at the Southern Air Temple.
  • In Taylor's time, the four Air Temples are unisex, meaning that they aren't gender specific anymore.

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