Spiritual Warfare
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Tales of Yukio



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January 21, 2014

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Tales of Yukio, Book Two: Chapter Seven

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Tales of Yukio, Book Two: Chapter Nine

Chapter 8, Hana and Taylor: Spiritual Warfare


"Dad? Can I come in?" I said, gently tapping on his office door.

I had woken up this morning and something was seriously not wrong with my face. I had started crying when I saw that my scar was completely gone. I had to show my father; maybe it was a figment of my imagination. So I had pulled up all of my long, thin, black hair up in an extremely tight twist, so he could see all of my face.

"Just a moment, Hana," he said. I heard him shuffle papers around on his desk. He took four steps to the door and opened it.

"Hana! What happened? It's gone!" Myung Dae cried. He touched the right side of my face in disbelief. He turned my face to the right and the left. He stroked the smooth skin. "It's like there was never a blemish."

I shrugged. "I don't know dad," I replied. "I woke up and it was entirely gone."

"I can't believe how much like your mother you look," he said, laughing. "You still have my eyes, though."

"And that's something else I want to talk about. What happened between you and Mom?" I asked.

"Hana! Why would you ask such a disrespectful question?" Myung Dae asked, a little too quickly. So he does have feelings. I thought. His eyes narrowed.

"I thought we were close enough to talk about it. You know how I feel about Mom," I said, lying through my teeth. I loved my mother, we just didn't agree very much. I smiled and batted my eyelashes. My father relaxed. I was so devious.

"I'll tell you in time. Until then, why don't you tour the city? We want to attack a place that is recognizable while causing very little casualties. Scout it out. I know you do an excellent job at going incognito," Myung Dae said, winking at me.

"Okay, Dad. I'll do my best," I said, backing out of the room.

"Good girl. Now I have to work," he answered. He closed the door.

I yanked the ties out of my hair, ignoring the pain, and walked back to my room, feeling utterly defeated.


I had thought I was asleep, but everything was so vivid. It was like I was watching some sort of mover on a too-bright screen. My mind immediately connected the name to the place. Republic City, I realized, even though I had never been there.

People were walking around me. Their figures were all a dull gray except for one person, who was lit up in bright crimson. The person turned to face me. I recognized Hana, without her scar. I tried to call her name, but my voice had no volume; I was mute. She just looked up at the sky. I tried to turn towards the direction she was looking, but my head didn't move.

Suddenly, I saw myself come into my field of vision, lit up in blue, about two hundred feet behind her. "Hana!" I shouted, desperately. "Stop!" But Hana didn't hear me. She pulled a remote out of her shoulder bag, which I hadn't noticed before. She put a pair of plugs in her ears, and turned the dial on the remote.

Next, I saw ChoHee, lit up in dark green. She tackled Hana from her left side and they both fell to the ground. The remote flew out of Hana's hand and bounced across the ground. Hana reached desperately for the remote, but ChoHee was still on top of her. My figure just stood in horror watching Hana struggle.

After Hana regained her strength she pushed ChoHee off of her abruptly and chi-blocked ChoHee's arms, which prevented her from breaking her fall. ChoHee's head hit the ground and I heard the crack of her skull. My figure started running at normal human speed as I saw ChoHee's blood seep out of her head onto the pavement beneath her.

I seemed to know what Hana was doing. I completely bypassed ChoHee's limp body and lunged toward Hana, but I missed her ankle by about two inches. I heard the click of a button and the ground shifted below me.

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