Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Tales of Yukio in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Tales of Yukio
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  • Book One: Eight chapters and an Extras page
  • Book Two: Thirteen chapters
  • Book Three: Two chapters

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"These are the people I want to protect! I don't want to die a coward!"
— Chi-Ji, in Tales of Yukio, Chapter 7

"Well, I don't know what to tell you, ChoHee. If you want change, you have to be the catalyst."
— Taylor to ChoHee in Tales of Yukio, Book Two: Chapter Two

Tales of Yukio Books One and Two are completed. Book Three will be coming out soon, but it is not completely edited yet.


After the tragic death of Avatar Lyn-Chen, Avatar Yukio is born. Anana, his mother, runs away with him. Seventeen years later, his real story begins. Will he learn the real reason behind Avatar Lyn-Chen's death? Can he restore balance to a world filled with threats of war?


Warning! The character descriptions may contain spoilers.

Major Characters

  • Yukio/Taylor: The name "Taylor" is a nickname given to him by his deceased father. He ends up using that name more often than "Yukio", but they are indeed the same person. He's the Water Avatar after Korra. He's seventeen, almost eighteen, and he's a little socially awkward.
  • Lyn-Chen: Taylor's predecessor. She was the Air Avatar. She died at age thirteen due to a training accident.
  • SoonMin/Stella: Taylor's Earthbending master, a former Kyoshi Warrior, leader of the New Dai-Li, leader of all the Kyoshi Warriors stationed in Ba Sing Se, and a respected general. Her mother married into the Beifong family. She doesn't prefer Seismic Sense Earthbending personally, but she teaches it for Metalbending purposes.
  • ChoHee: A Kyoshi Warrior/Earthbender who is one of Stella's students. She's a very serious and quiet girl. Her voice is normally monotonous in tone. She is one of Taylor's first friends in Ba Sing Se, and later becomes his girlfriend.
  • MiHee: ChoHee's younger sister. She's a Kyoshi Warrior in-training. She's also an Earthbender, though not as proficient as her classmates. She's known for her loudness and energy. She is also one of Taylor's first friends
  • Tae Hun/David: David is the first Earthbending Crown Prince of the Fire Nation. He's the second child of Firelord Dukran
  • Dong Min/Caleb: He's the youngest child of Firelord Dukran. At age seven, he's the best and the youngest Metalbender of his time.
  • Firelord Dukran: The Fire Lord. She has two daughters, two sons, and another baby on the way. She is a Grand Lotus and has been given the task to teach Taylor how to Firebend.
  • Chi-Ji: One of the two Fire Princesses. She's a proficient archer and chi-blocker. She helps Taylor learn about the Avatar's duties. She also shows Taylor some rudimentary Firebending techniques.
  • Hana: The former Crown Princess of the Fire Nation. Her title was revoked and given to her younger brother, David.
  • Kohanna/Nami: A woman from the Southern Water Tribe. She's a well known criminal, but extremely hard to capture, due to her skill in Waterbending and Bloodbending.
  • Keskae Sr.: Taylor's paternal grandfather. He's a Tribal Elder in the Northern Water Tribe.

Minor Recurring Characters

  • Anana: Taylor's mother. She's a former Waterbending General from the South Pole. She now lives in the Northern Water Tribe with her father-in-law, Keskae Sr. She's a member of the Order of the White Lotus.
  • Sister Hitomi: Hitomi is the previous Avatar's older sister. She becomes the Mother Superior in charge of the Southern Air Temple. Not all that important in the story right now. And yes, I know Hitomi is a guy's name. I go into that later.
  • Ani: Taylor's aunt. A Grand Lotus and former Waterbending master the Avatar Lyn-Chen.


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Book Two chapters

Book Three Chapters

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