Hama bloodbends an elephant rat
"The infinite bleeding from
hell, scars the human who
has lost his loved ones."

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Tale of Kenji in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Tale Of Kenji
Tale of Kenji
"It is possible to bend anything if you keep an open mind."
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Tale of Kenji is a fanon series written by Yamichidori1. It is now been 30 years since the criminal Noatak was killed. Unarock's daughter became the new Northern Water Tribe's councilman in Republic City and helps Kenji on his journey to becoming the United Republic's new hero. He hopes to find the legendary Iroh. He hoped to be the best firebender alive. To make contact with Iroh he had to go to Mako who has been to the Spirit World. Mako was the Fire Nation councilman. He is now the last one who can generate lightning since the Equalist attack 3 decades ago. He has a major conflict with the remaining Equalists, bloodbenders, and the Agni Kai Triads and the Red Monsoon Triads and hopes to end them.


Kenji Nara travels to Republic City in hopes of mastering waterbending by going to the Spirit World and making contact with Iroh. His waterbending is superior and unique. His destiny is to be the best waterbender of all time.

Tale of Kenji

Tale of Kenji's original title image.


Republic City

United Republic of Nations

Fire Nation

Earth Kingdom

  • Ai
  • Koko Jr.
  • Roronoa
  • Hope (elderly)
  • Ryota

Air Nomads

Water Tribes

Northern Water Tribe

  • Izumi
  • Athena (also known as Chika)
  • Ichigo
  • Mika

Southern Water Tribe

Foggy Swamp Tribe

  • Naoki
  • Mikio
  • Nobu


  1. Book One: Healing
    1. Tale of Kenji Nara
    2. You're a Cheater So You're Tahno - 10% done
    3. Enter Azumi
    4. Pro Bending, Round One!
    5. Green Fighting Machine
    6. Kya, the Master Healer, Second to Only One
    7. Fire Control
    8. A Hurricane Strikes Republic City
    9. Sub-skill of Healing
    10. Living to Fight: Part 1
  2. Book Two: Plant
    1. Sozin's Comet in 18 Weeks
    2. Foggy Swamp Tribe
    3. Green Flames Are Forbidden
    4. Mika Returnes
    5. Aunt Izumi
    6. Battle of the Zumi's
    7. Fire Lord Iroh strikes
    8. Legend of the White Fire
    9. Within the Plants
    10. Flowerbenders
    11. Welcome Back, Azumi!
  3. Book Three: Blood
    1. A Forbidden Technique
    2. Fight Blood With Blood
    3. - 18.

Planned Series

  1. Kazuhiro's revenge
    1. Book One: Lightning - 8
    2. Book Two: Combustion - 10
  2. Azumi's Secret
    1. Book One: Spirits - 6
    2. Book Two: Fire - 6
  3. History of Earthbending
    1. Book One: Earth - 8
    2. Book Two: Seismic Sense - 12
    3. Book Three: Sand - 8
    4. Book Four: Metal - 14


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Tale of Kenji Chapters
Book Three: Healing
 Tale of Kenji - You're a Cheater So You're Tahno - Enter Azumi - Pro Bending, Round One! - Green Fighting Machine - Kya, the Master Healer, Second to Only One - Fire Control - A Hurricane Strikes Republic City - Sub-skill of Healing - Living to Fight: Part 1
 Book Two: Plant
Sozin's Comet in 18 Weeks - Visions - Foggy Swamp Tribe - Green Flames Are Forbidden - Mika Returnes - Aunt Izumi - Battle of the Zumi's - Fire Lord Iroh Strikes - Legend of the White Fire - Within the Plants - Flowerbenders - Welcome Back, Azumi! 
Book Three: Blood
A Forbidden Technique - Fight Blood With Blood -

Tale of Kenji Characters

Water Tribes

Councilman Tahno - Baki - Kenji - Datte - Selene - Athena - Izumi - Ichigo - Mika - Emi - Avatar Korra - Katsuro - Naoki - Mikio - Nobu - Kuun - Councilman Kya
Earth Kingdom
Ai - Koko Jr. - Roronoa - Hope - Ryota - Kin
Fire Nation
Uncle Iroh's spirit - Raiden - Kazuhiro - Ryuuji - Azumi - Fire Lord Iroh - Councilman Mako
Air Nomads
Ikki - Rohan - Councilman Jinora
Bumi - Aki - Ariko - Kimi - Pathik

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