Monk Gyatso
Tale of Gyatso: Defending Hope
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Tales series



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Jacob T. Fawkes


Jacob T. Fawkes

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October 28, 2012

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Tale of Aang: Renewed Hope

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Tale of Kuei: Remembering the Master

The Second Chapter of the Tales series.


Gyatso has never been one to defy the council so openly. But now they wish to take Aang from him, and this cannot be allowed. So Gyatso has enlisted the help of some old friends to convince the council to reconsider. But what Gyatso doesn't know is that one of his friends is bringing news that could permanently upset the balance of the world.


7th Month, 0 AG - Southern Air Temple

"All I want is what is best for him," Gyatso spoke to Pasang.

"But what we need is what's best for the world," replied the High Monk. "You and Aang must be separated. We will send him to the Eastern Air Temple"

With that Tashi grew a grin on his face. Tashi and Gyatso had never gotten along, even when they were children. But this? Using the Avatar as a weapon against him. This was unforgivable. In frustration, Gyatso revealed his intentions.

"I was not going easy on him. Perhaps Tashi forgot to mention, but I have been waiting for his water bending teacher to arrive!"

"You selected a teacher for him?" Pasang spoke genuinely shocked. "Who?"

With attention now driven away from separation. Gyatso spoke with a simple smile.


With that, Pasang and Tashi both grew silent. No one messed with the waterbending master. A first blow had been ready, now for the strike.

"I sent for him and Pahtik two weeks ago and I have just received word that they will be arriving tomorrow. I request that we defer judgement of Aang's relocation until after Daizu has given his...opinion."

Pasang thought for a moment. Gyatso could sense genuine worry on his face.

Finally he replied, "Very well. I will hold off on the Avatar's movement until after we have heard from the honorary Airbender. And I will also hear the opinion of Guru Pahtik, it has been too long since we spoke anyway. This discussion will be continued when they have arrived."

Tashi possessed a face of sheer panic. Gyatso of pure joy, Daizu would be his saving grace.

"This isn't over Gyatso," Tashi said with an air of near defeat in his voice.

A childlike glee fell over Gyatso as he blew a raspberry in Tashi's direction, out of Pasang's view...of course.

As Gyatso began his walk down to his cell, he relished in his victory (even if it was only temporary). While it was possible that Daizu could fail, the prospect was difficult for Gyatso to imagine. In as long as Gyatso had known him, Daizu had always gotten his way. Why should this be any different? Aang wouldn't even have to know!

However once Gyatso reached his cell, that particular hope of his was squandered as Aang was sitting at the Pai Sho table...crying.

"I'm guessing you know?" Gyatso said trying to maintain an air of innocence for Aang's sake.

"Should I start packing?" came a reply in between the sobs.

"No! Aang, whatever you may have heard I promise you, the Council is not going to take you away from me." Gyatso had try to speak with an air of certainty to comfort the young man across from him.

Aang started to, "But Monk Pasang's word is final."

Gyatso unconsciously grew a devilish grin as he prepared to tell Aang his great secret, "Normally, Aang, you would be right; but I know someone whose word is even more final than Pasang's. He's coming tomorrow and I had planned to make him your waterbending teacher."
Monk Gyatso

"Normally, Aang, you would be right; but I know someone whose word is even more final than Pasang's. He's coming tomorrow and I had planned to make him your waterbending teacher."

"My waterbending teacher?" Aang seemed confused at that prospect but Gyatso's words seemed to comfort the boy and so nothing else was spoken of it.

As Gyatso went to sleep, he knew that tomorrow he would have to fight. Gyatso didn't know who or why; but he did no one thing. There was no one he would rather have at his back helping then the great teacher.

The Next Day

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