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JoT Tala
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Not far from Omashu




300 AG

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

The elements, energy

Bending style(s)

Earthbending, firebending, airbending, waterbending, energybending


Ustad (father), Kiyoura (mother)


Ilan (animal companion)


Kuir (formerly), Rishu(formerly), Lenet, Urri

Chronological and political information



Suun, Hava Jinorra, Ralyn, Rishu

Avatar Tala is the Avatar who succeeded Korra. Tala was born not far from Omashu. Omashu has since claimed her as their prize and used her as a position of power. Tala is secretive and reserved. She is a fully-realized Avatar and has mastered all of the elements.



An unusual Sozin's Comet heralded the birth of Avatar Tala.

Tala was born 200 years after the end of the Hundred Year War on the day of Sozin's Comet to a family outside of Omashu. Due to the nature of Sozin's Comet, Tala learned to bend both earth and fire at the same time. Her community knew early on she was the Avatar and hoped to use her status to benefit their small culture. However, at 7 years old, she revealed her powers by both earthbending and firebending in front of Urri, the King of Omashu.

Urri since took the majority of her custody, though he begrudgingly let her parents take her from the city for extended periods of time on the condition that she always returned.

Tala has always had everything she needed. The White Lotus came to train her in the elements. Urri's younger brother taught her earthbending in Omashu Style. At the age of thirteen, she moved on to firebending, where she learned from a member of the White Lotus. At seventeen, Hava Jinorra and Clan Rohan moved to Omashu to teach her airbending, their philosophies and protect her.

Tala has been studying airbending for over two years when she receives an invitation from the Fire Nation to attend a ceremony welcoming the new Councilman of Republic City, Rishu, a Grand Marshal of the Air Force.

Tala returned from Republic City to hear that the armies of the world were preparing for war. King Urri received a summons to bring his forces to Ba Sing Se, an order which he did not follow. When communication to Republic City was cut, a scout was discovered by the Fire Nation, a blockade of airships arrived to enclose the city and its forces.

Other scouts had also spotted a large army coming, the Ba Sing Se Regulars. The army came, but Master Hava had the city closed. Her airbending master proved to have good instincts when the Regulars surround the city and sieged it.

To supply the population finding safety in Ba Sing Se, raids for supplies far beyond the walls had to be made. Tala was able to convince the leaders of the city to allow her to participate in the raids. Unfortunately, one of these raids was ambushed by Prince Kuir. Tala fought with Kuir only to be knocked out by a punch. As she was being dragged away, the Southern Water Tribe saved her by pushing back Kuir and his attack party.

Chief Arkoda had important information that the Day of Black Sun was returning and would give the city a chance to break the siege. The council decided that an ancient tunnel beneath Omashu could serve as a supply line for the city while waiting for the eclipse.

Tala had reservations, as they had no knowledge about the tunnel due to its age. She unknowingly was presenting fears from a past Avatar. She had a vision of this Avatar Koru, who oversaw negotiations between the Earth King and the King of Omashu so as to broker peace, in return, knowledge of the tunnel was given to Ba Sing Se. This confirmed her fear of the tunnel's existence.

Tala arrived with reinforcements, saving the excavators from an ambush by Prince Kuir. Even then, Kuir was winning and Tala entered the Avatar State. She brought down the tunnel, preventing Kuir from using it again.

As the eclipse approached, Tala was on an airship with Hava in order to hijack enemy airships while firebenders were powerless. The defending fleet was forced to attack early when lightning attacks started. Tala and Hava fought as they saw a cloaked figure in black. Assuming it was the Black Dragon, they pursued.

They nearly caught their prey when a waterbending mercenary attacked. She held off the two for most of the time till outmaneuvered. Tala and Hava were finally able to run down their elusive target on top of the ship, where Tala tied her down with metal bending.

Tala pulled back the hood to find Lira, Rishu's fiance, now-wife. She pressed the powerless woman only to see the Black Dragon in the distance destroy an airship, confirmed to be Rishu.

After the battle's indecisive outcome, Tala was challenged to an Agni Kai by Rishu for the fate of the city. Tala barely held her own in the duel but managed to create an explosion that sent both off the airships. Rishu grabbed her and landed them on an Omashu airship and continued the fight briefly.

Rishu overpowered the Avatar and began to bend her energy. Tala began receiving many images at once. Before she could comprehend their meaning, the Avatar State activated and forced Rishu back. The crew appeared, ready to attack Rishu. Rishu and Tala agreed the match was a draw and left it at that, as she feared what an energybender was capable of.

Tala tore through books looking for information on energybending but failed to find any indication to how Rishu learned this skill. Tala was present at the council where the White Lotus had received information on the Fire Nation attacking the city on a full moon. The council was relieved to have the advantage with waterbenders.

The city took advantage in the night battle early on as the invaders broke. Tala and Ilan leapt in to battle and pursued the fleeing armies. This was when things became frayed. Tala and Ilan became immobilized in pain. It was soon revealed that Ralyn was bloodbending them. Tala was able to psychic earthbend, forcing Ralyn to release her grip. Tala fled, nearly captured again if not for Suun saving her. Both he and Kuel were captured by Ralyn as they tried to stop her.

Tala entered Old Omashu and warned them of the danger. But problems within were present. Kuir had escaped and broken out into the city using a whirlwind of sand. Tala tried to locate the source of the whirlwind. However, a heavy metal disc that was Kuir's hat flew into her, shattering her ribs. Tala passed out from the pain.

Tala woke learning of the death of Esas and Kilidi, as well as the capture of important leaders of the defense of the city. Tala had to remain in the hospital, she witnessed the sabotage of Fire Nation equipment by none other than Rayn, who had attacked Tala. She fled to Old Omashu but was incapacitated by Rishu. The city defenders were able to retrieve the comatose mercenary.

When she woke, she volunteered her knowledge and services to train the Avatar in waterbending as she recovered from her wounds and mastered airbending.


Tala is a cautious and cunning individual. Unlike her predecessors, she is not so blunt and open about her views and ideals; she prefers to observe the situation beforehand. Hava noted that Tala seems to lock everything in 'vaults' of a labyrinthine mind. She also holds this in and uses it as a focal point like a weapon. As such, she has great control of her emotions. Tala believes a dispassionate leader is better than one who worries about hope.

Hava believes that much of Tala's behavior can be attributed to her parents prior to her discovery as the Avatar. Hava doesn't understand why they would train her into a weapon. Tala also has the flaw of obsession. After having a vision warning of the Black Dragon, she became determined to convince anyone of its threat to no avail. Rishu and Lira were well aware of this obsession and used it as bait during the Solar Eclipse.

Tala's dreams and vision heavily affect her mood. She can be light hearted with good sleep and dreams or serious and cautious if her dreams are ominous. Her obsession with the Black Dragon came from a vision she received.

Tala has a dark lust for power, though she refrains from telling anyone about it. While she has largely kept herself in check, her mastery of bloodbending has given her a taste she just hasn't refused. Tala is seen as much colder and manipulative, even cruel, when bloodbending.


The Elements

Tala has mastered all the elements. With the exception of airbending, other benders have proven to be much more skilled and powerful in the bending arts. Tala is still dangerous to them because she can bend multiple elements as opposed to one.

Earthbending: Tala has mastered Omashu Style earthbending. She has great control of rock, can bend sand. Perhaps the greatest strength of this style, is her ability to psychic earthbend, the ability to bend without movements. She has rudimentary lessons in Beifong Style with some seismic sense and metalbending though nowhere near a master's level. Her Omashu Style is powerful, but a Beifong master can outstrip her as Crown-Prince Kuir has. With the revelation that Tala is Dai Li, she has begun to publicly use the Dai Li form, which she is a master of. This style has speed and lethality as the key. The two forms combined have made Tala a match for most any Beifong master.

Firebending: Due to being born on the day of Sozin's Comet, Tala's firebending abilities developed earlier than any Avatar normally does, meaning that throughout her childhood she could bend both earth and fire as if native elements. Tala learned firebending quickly but inadequately. She learned from a man who was bottom of his class and joined the White Lotus; her skill in the element reflects this. She is capable of generating lightning and presumably redirecting it. She stands no chance against the Black Dragon in fire to fire skill. Upon defecting from Omashu, Tala was taken under his wing and retrained in firebending while still learning waterbending. Tala would master the element in a true fashion after the war ended.

Airbending: Tala naturally had trouble learning airbending due to it being her native element's opposite. Despite this, she has grown past this difficulty and grown past to an extraordinary level in the two years she has trained. Her master Hava, has proclaimed that she is a prodigy, as she can sometimes master techniques better than he can, and Hava is one of the two most powerful airbenders alive. Tala has the most expansive knowledge and power in this element. She can fly, create tornadoes, and use both air scooters and palm spheres. Tala has mastered 35 tiers and is halfway through the 36th tier of Airbending. Tala uses a modified glider staff much like Aang's second staff. With this black and green staff, she can deliver dangerous blows to the enemy. Tala has formally mastered airbending as the Siege of the city enters spring, meaning she finished in three years.

Waterbending: Tala started waterbending under the greatest waterbender alive, a mercenary. As a result, her training is grueling and brutal. However, it has made her work hard and progress fast. Tala was at first struggling with the element because both water and air were opposites to her two first elements. After adopting her Dai Li training publicly, Tala reinvigorated her fighting with lethal skills and improved dramatically. She is still in training and Ralyn will be the first to say she isn't ready. Ralyn has focused her training between Northern Style and Urban Style. After progressing to a significant level, Ralyn has begun to teach Tala bloodbending. Tala was opposed at first but took to the art when Ralyn attacked her and forced her to bloodbend to defend herself. Tala has shown potential and secretly has proven Ralyn's theory that one can bloodbend on any night the moon is present. Tala mastered the element to a level that Ralyn described as more than sufficient.

Energybending: Tala learned how to energybend from Rishu, the first person she encountered that actually used the art. She is the most rudimentary in this form and has the least skill in it. Still, she was strong enough to use it and overpower Lenet, an energybender herself.

Unarmed Combat

Tala has been trained by the White Lotus to fight in unarmed combat without bending. This has been kept a secret in case someone tries to assassinate her. Tala is very and subtly skilled in hand-hand combat, capable of lethal strikes. She has a rudimentary understanding of Chi Blocking but is admittedly low-skilled.

The Avatar State 

Tala has no control over the Avatar State. Her first seen use of it was when it became clear that she could not beat Kuir and his army in the tunnel. She collapsed the tunnel and levitated out of the wreckage but was left weakened. Tala also used the Avatar State briefly in her Agni Kai with Rishu. While he was bending her energy, the Avatar State defensively activated to force him back, but ended immediately afterwards.


Tala's relationships chagned greatly as a result of the Fifth Nation War.

319 AG


  • Kulek Rohan: Tala was in a romantic relationship with the young Air Nomad, Kulek. As she is often lacking in comedic ability, the wild child of Clan Rohan makes up for it. Kulek is the least restrained of the clan and so will encourage Tala to sneak out and enjoys things she is normally too serious or busy to do. At present, Tala's relationship with Kulek is strained when he betrayed her trust and revealed to the council her heritage. Tala even struck him in the chest when he tried to explain afterwards. While things returned to normal, Tala got more distant as she began seeing things differently. Kulek and his family went with Tala and she changed sides by order of Hava. However, she soon broke up with him because she couldn't merge the differences the two had.
  • Hava Jinora: Tala has a professional relationship with her airbending master, Hava, that is also friendly. Due to the political minutia, Hava is one of the few in the city that is completely honest with her about her training and what she should do. As a result, he is one of the few confidants that Tala has.
  • Suun: Tala has a respectful relationship with her former earthbending master. Her biggest issues with him is his unwavering support of his brother, the king.


  • Rishu: Tala both admires and fears the man she is convinced is the Black Dragon. She fears his reach and ability to manipulate those around her but admires his strength and resolve. Given that Rishu has risked facing her as a warrior and as a spy, she has some measure of respect for a man who sincerely wants her on his side.
  • Kuir: The Crown-Prince of the Earth Kingdom is Tala's biggest threat at present. Kuir has led the siege and is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve his goal. Tala has already been beaten by him only to barely avoid capture by the help of allies. His massive size and power already intimidated most of the city but his ability to actually defeat the Avatar has made him a threat not only to her but to the city as well.


  • Ralyn: The waterbending mercenary that has become Tala's waterbending teacher has both a simple and complex relationship with her. Tala first met her as she protected Lira, impersonating the Black Dragon. Tala met her again on a full moon where she was bloodbent by the mercenary. Despite this, Ralyn is one of the few people who can sympathize with Tala; having a complicated family history of her own. Likewise, Ralyn pushes her to her limit, something only Hava had previously done.
  • Liam: The Captain and right hand of Rishu. She had briefly met him during her Agni Kai with Rishu, in which she noted that he was attracted to her. After joining Rishu, they met each other a lot more often. Liam continued his advances, especially after she and Kulek broke up. Tala is attracted to him but is unsure about things given that she just broke up with Kulek and that her mind is preoccupied with the war.

321 AG


  • Rishu: In the greatest change, Rishu became Tala's new master and confidant in a world of treachery. Tala found herself relying on the powerful and cunning warrior and found it comforting that he was open with his manipulations.
  • Liam: Liam was Rishu's right hand and had been infatuated with her since they briefly met on the Winter Solstice. He used the defection as a chance to get as close to her as he could and make advances. Tala at first thought this was under Rishu's orders but saw his persistance as a sign of how it was personal. Tala slowly began to admire the young officer's courage.


  • Urri: Urri showed his true colors to Tala and his greed for power was enough for him to assault her. Tala had nearly killed Urri until talked down by Ralyn.


  • Kuir: Kuir was once Tala's most pressing threat, having beaten her physically as well as mentally, but with her defection, they rarely crossed paths. Kuir seemed to bear no grudge against Tala for past fights and even helped Rishu keep the Avatar from destroying everything around her.


  • Tala is much more secretive than past Avatars for several generations. Neither is she as blunt, open, or naive. She keeps to herself and prefers to hold an edge over those around her, a common trait amongst those who manipulate.
  • Tala does not have the same romantic problems of past Avatars from the start, she is already in a relationship with airbender Kulek Rohan, but whether it may stay that way is to be seen.
  • Tala has had the most trouble learning the element she is most proficient in, airbending. A theme that hard works produces results.
  • Kuir hinted that he knows where Tala first learned earthbending before she was discovered as the Avatar, something that upsets her. Which turns out she was Dai Li
  • Kashmir would be Tala's theme.

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