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Ba Sing Se Middle Ring
Tal Te
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Tal Te is a large and industrious city in the Earth Kingdom. It is the third largest city next to Ba Sing Se and Omashu. Although it is large and powerful, it is not new to invasion or occupation, the Fire Nation was able to conquer it six times during the The War. The first three times they took over through military conflict with the Earth Kingdom military who aided in the defense of the town. The fourth time the military refused to defend it again and the Fire Nation simply wiped out the local militia. The fifth time, the Fire Nation came in and burned half of it to the ground, that was fifty years ago.

This time, there is no military to come in and retake the city. Omashu has fallen and no one is prepared to aid Tal Te. The city had rebuilt from the last occupation but this one is proving to be even worse. Instead of completely destroying it, the Fire Nation has exploited it. Every day, blocks of houses are burned in order to make way for large factories which build Fire Nation tanks and armor. Thousands of troops and tanks march through the streets and most people are too scared to leave their homes.

Slave labor has become common for the Fire Nation factories, families wake up with children missing, each one taken to a factory to be forced to work. Hundreds and thousands of people have been grabbed off the streets and thrown into the dark, metal fortress like buildings. These people keep the factory running, which is obvious by the massive amounts of smoke coming from the smoke stacks.

There seems to be no hope in the city.

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