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"You see, when I turn twenty at the end of Autumn, my parents are going to buy me my own Sky Bison, and I'm going to fly to The Western Air Temple, so the nuns there can test me to see if I'm a master Airbender! Then I'll get the tattoos and everything."
— Takumi in The Airbender
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Takumi is a major character in The Avatar Rhythm


Early history

Takumi grew up on an Air Nomad island in the chain that the Western Air Temple also resides in. He was the sole airbender on his island, and one of the only on any of the nearby neighboring islands, as most of the small airbending race that regrown since the Air Nomad Genocide lived in one of the Air Temples. As his bending got better, he became a celebrity of his village, who the children of loved to watch him do magic tricks with airbending. His life goal was to become an airbending master and at age twenty buy himself a Sky Bison to go to the Western Air Temple with, where he planned to take his final test and receive the traditional airbending master arrow tattoos.

First Meeting with Shirou and Shinji

When Takumi was almost twenty, he stumbled upon Shirou and Shinji traveling on an island, being attacked by a gemsbok bull. He took it down with airbending just in time, saving the duo from being charged off an island cliff. After a short greeting, Takumi led them back to his village, where they watched him perform airbending tricks for a group of children.

Afterwards, Shirou and Shinji caught back up with him and asked him about his life, where he explained his goals to become an airbending master one day. Soon after, there was a large crash in the village, which they quickly figured out The Quadrination Bandits caused, having suddenly surprise attacked the village hoping to kill Shinji and take his bounty of immortality. Takumi helped out greatly, defending them from the bandits and saving Shirou and Shinji multiple times. At the end, he decided on holding the bandits off himself, and let the duo run off the safety. Eventually, the battle ended, but Shirou and Shinji were already far enough away that the Quadrination Bandits had to leave anyway and start another search for them.

Departure and Airbending Mastery

When Takumi turned twenty, he received his Sky Bison, Artos, as planned and finally traveled to the Western Air Temple to become and airbending master. He was surprised when he arrived, finding rubble and corpses remaining from the battle at the Western Air Temple between the nuns, The Quadrination Bandits, Shirou, Shinji, and The Procession. There were still some survivors, including Sora, the Mother Superior, who he took his final test with and passed, finally getting the tattoos he longed for. However, he couldn't stay at the ruins of the Western Air Temple as it was no longer in stable condition for living in, and lots of work had to still be done. He was given a glider by the nuns before he left, and then departed on Artos, determined to find some hope, deciding on the Northern Water Tribe.

At the North Pole


When Takumi arrived at the North Pole, he didn't have much money or any place to stay, barely avoiding being punished by The Procession. He felt as if the tax collectors were too demanding and powerful, especially to the poor class that he had settled into, and decided to rebel against them for the sake of the Water Tribe, and found the "perfect group to do so", the Polar Revolution, and joined them and became a rebel.

With the Polar Revolution

Takumi worked with the rebellion long enough to become a substantial member and good fighter, quickly earning his way to the top of the group. A few months later, Shirou and Shinji were forced to join the Polar Revolution, and they had a happy reunion, as they both figured each other were killed by the Quadrination Bandits. He told them of his story, and then wished them good luck on their first mission.

In a few weeks, once Shirou and Shinji were properly trained as members of the Polar Revolution, they and Takumi were to go on a mission by themselves to infiltrate the port of Glacier Cove and steal Chieftain Akio's Tribal Seal so they could properly forge letters that looked like they were coming from the chieftain himself. Asaki sent the trio off on two canoes, and they docked on the outskirts of the city, where Shinji used his firebending to melt a tunnel through the ice cliffs around the city and into the Glacier Cove sewer system. The trio used the tunnels of the sewers to reach the Glacier Cove governmental complex, where the trio broke the building where Akio worked in and ambushed the chieftain, stealing his Tribal Seal even after his warnings that he would tell Chief Riku and leaving him pinned to a wall with a knife and beaten with wind.

The next week, Takumi entered the Battle at Glacier Cove alongside Shirou and Shinji. In only the first few minutes after entering he had already killed five Water Tribe soldiers. After that, Takumi and Shinji split from Shirou to go the airship dock where The Procession would soon be arriving. However, when the airship landed despite The Polar Revolution's control of the city anyway, The Procession came out and trampled everyone near, quickly spreading over all of the city. Tired and in pain, they realized from the sheer number of tax collectors that they weren't going to win, and decided to go try to save Shirou. However, by the time Takumi reached the rest of The Polar Revolution it was too late, for Shinji had already betrayed Shirou and The Procession had one the battle.

The Polar Revolution retreated back to their underground bunker, but it was nothing like it used to be. Takumi and Shinji were some of the last rebels who weren't locked up in jail, in the hospital, or dead after the Battle at Glacier Cove. With little resources, food and men, they lost all hope in surviving, so Asaki agreed to disband after one final siege on the Water Tribe Royal Palace.

In the siege, Takumi and the rest of the rebels got into the palace over one of its walls and entered through a tunnel, where they met up with Shirou, who was currently being praised as a hero by his family. Shirou, deciding to lead them into the heart of the palace, betrayed Ken and led them to the throne room, where The Chancellor attacked with The Quadrination Bandits and caused the Venomsprout to be released, causing utter chaos to break lose. Takumi and Asaki were separated from Shirou and Shinji by the attacking forces, and took on The Quadrination Bandits. However, as soon as they were down The Chancellor met up with them, trying to pry the knowledge of where Shinji had gone from them, but they didn't cooperate and ran down the long hallway behind them with The Chancellor right behind them. Through a crack in the wall of the hallway, Shirou and Shinji saw them and gave them the cure to the Venomsprout, and Asaki told them to go to Argil Village in the Earth Kingdom, where they would meet up again. The duo left just as The Chancellor caught up with them and attacked Takumi, who before being killed told him that Shinji was going to the Earth Kingdom. The Chancellor left them in the hallway, breaking through the walls of the palace with energybending and running away. After the battle was over, Takumi brought Asaki to his flying bison, Artos, who they started flying to Earth Kingdom upon, determined on reaching Argil Village.

Earth Kingdom

Journey on Artos

Takumi and Asaki had a long journey over the Earth Kingdom on his flying bison. They only stopped when all of their supplies were gone, and created a system of one person sleeping at a time during nightfall while the other kept watch on Artos' head. On their flight, Takumi built up an affection for Asaki, often letting her sleep more than she was supposed to when it was really her turn to be on watch at night.

Argil Village

Eventually, Takumi and Asaki made it back to Argil Village, where they looked for Shirou and Shinji everywhere. When they agreed that the two hadn't made it to the city yet, the two rented a room at the Clay Ridge Inn and to sleep in for a few nights. During their stay, Takumi told Asaki about his his feelings for her and she responded very surprised and angry, quickly running off to her side room and locking the door. Later that day, Shinji arrived at the Clay Ridge Inn, due to Shirou's heroic attacking of Anil at the cliffs of Mt. Sierra. Asaki and Takumi took Shinji in and they explained their stories to each other.

A few days later, The Quadrination Bandits attacked Argil Village. Asaki and Takumi told a panicked Shinji to hide out in the woods, while they fought the bandits. After a heated battle with Zhena and Kyong, The Chancellor appeared and confronted the duo. After a quick engagement, the energybender told Takumi that if he didn't tell him where Shinji was hiding, he would destroy everyone and everything he loved on the Summer Solstice in two weeks. Takumi, buying a short amount of time to prepare for The Chancellor's "apocalypse", lied that Shinji was staying at Ba Sing Se, not knowing that Shirou and Hotaru were there. The Chancellor and the Quadrination Bandits left them in the rubble of where Argil Village used to stand, and they went to find Shinji in the woods.



Takumi is an airbending master, and has shown his fighting skills on many occasions. Not only limited to fighting, Takumi can also do a number of tricks with his airbending.

Sky Bison riding

Takumi is also an experienced Sky Bison rider. He flies on his Sky Bison, Artos, often, most notably on his journey from the North Pole to Argil Village.


Takumi is a kind person, who often will put himself in the way of others to help them, and will risk much for a friend. He can't stand up for himself when confronted with mighty challengers, often giving in to The Chancellor, whether or not he's telling him the truth, understanding the energybender's extreme powers.



  • Takumi is a Japanese boy name meaning "artisan".

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