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Northwestern Earth Kingdom


Large port (abandoned)

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"Act 2: Aang"

Taku is an abandoned city in the western Earth Kingdom. It was once an important centre of commerce. The city was destroyed by the Fire Nation in its first wave of attacks on the Earth Kingdom. The assault was led by Afiko.


Located near the western Earth Kingdom shores, the city of Taku was once an important hub of commerce for the Earth Kingdom used to distribute cargo imported from ships to the entire nation. However, due to its key strategic location, it was recognized and attacked by the Fire Nation during the initial wave of attacks, becoming one of the very first Earth Kingdom cities to be destroyed. Two children, Huowoun and Qui Tu survived and lived in the Herbalist Institute. They eventually bore two children of their own: Mikaere and Shaocia. After seeing signs of people living there, the Fire Nation began doing routine checks of the city. The family was found, and Huowoun and Qui Tu were killed, and Shaocia was badly wounded, to the extent of Mikaere thinking she was dead. The soldiers were then killed by Mikaere.

Now almost completely abandoned, the only remaining occupant is Shaocia, who was nursed back to health by the family's cats, Qiang and Chao.

At the end of the war, the Earth Kingdom began to rebuild the city.


Herbalist Institute

Herbalist institute

The Herbalist Institute

One of the few remaining Earth Kingdom establishments in this area, the Herbalist Institute is hidden high in the mountains surrounded by natural growth. The institute is over a hundred years old and used to be a thriving establishment. Its medicines were once sent all over the world. The location of the institute is important because the climate there is ideal for growing a variety of herbs needed to make medicines. There is a greenhouse attached to it with an endless variety of plant life including some of the most rare species in the world.

Notable Figures

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