Taking Kekuatan, Part 1
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Taking Kekuatan, Part 2

The day was beautiful, and the man could not recall nicer weather in his lifetime. The temperature was warm, yet there was no humidity. As the Sun began to slowly make its way to its slumber, it left the perfect amount of light shining on the Air Temple for the man, who at this time was a small boy, to play with his sister. The two, both surprisingly adept Airbenders, glided down the various landings and platforms of their home to an alluring garden below, decorated with a colorful assortment of wild flowers and a pond as clear as crystal. The boy stopped running as he passed the sparkling pool of water and stared curiously at its sole inhabitant, a black, ugly black fish with large white eyes that seemed as if they were filled with animosity. The boy became transfixed in an odd trance, gazing endlessly into the eyes of the hideous fish. His sister, a bit younger than he, also stopped and looked quizzically at her brother.

"What are you doing now?" She giggled. After receiving no response, she became irritated. "Come on! Plai is going to run out of warm bread if you don't hurry up!"

Without turning, the boy replied, "I wish I was a Waterbender."

"Why? Isn't being an Airbender good enough?"

"No! It's not good enough!" The boy was shouting but he never turned to his sister. He remained gawking without a single blink at the fish that seemed to be staring back at him. "The Avatar can control all elements and we can only bend one! I want to be as powerful as the Avatar... I want to be more powerful than the Avatar! Wouldn't that be great, Ayala?"

"Onjing, you're freaking me out!"

"And then imagine the people who cannot bend at all." The boy paused. "Aren't they... worthless?"

"Onjing! Why would you say that? That's terrible!"

To that, the boy whipped his head around with a startled look on his face. "Yeah... it is. I don't know why I said it."

The siblings continued silently on their path, but as they left, the fish sunk deeper to the bottom of the pond, plotting on its way down. For the boy would return not only once but several times, each occasion become more and more attached. Each occasion becoming more and more corrupted.

"So my Lord, if I may ask, how do we begin our mission of taking Republic City?" Kimma, who seemed to be Onjing's favorite disciple, was chosen by her peers to approach the cruel Airbender and dare to ask him of his plans.

The man took a deep sigh, annoyed that his meditation was interrupted. Without opening his eyes, he responded. "Republic City will be harder to infiltrate than any other place we've been to thus far. They aren't defended by an all-Waterbending all-Earthbending or all-Firebending team that we can exploit the weaknesses of, but rather they have guardians who've mastered a variety of bending disciplines."

"We have an army of all kinds of benders as well, oh Great One."

"True. Nonetheless it would be impossible for us to defeat the elite police force of Metalbenders within the city without suffering uncountable casualties. Their squad would shrink our numbers to passed the point of weakness."

"Phronk is... was a Metalbender..."

"Indeed, and this is when I planned to utilize him."

"Then why didn't we try to save him! Don't you know where he is?"

"Silence, Kimma!" The Waterbender flinched before Onjing continued. "Of course I know where they took him, but how could we delay our efforts just to save one man?"

"A valuable man," Kimma muttered.

"You loved him, didn't you."

"I- I..."

"Don't try to hide it. I gave up on love long ago, but you seem to put a special trance on men. That's why I want you to keep putting on that act for Zhouray. You're the only thing keeping him on our side."

"I know sir. I will. So, what is your plan to destroy the city if the Metalbenders are too powerful?"

"Have you ever heard of pro-bending?"

"Yes I have, how does that-"

"The winner of the City Cup, which will be held two weeks from now, will be granted an audience with the city's mayor, council, and most importantly, the chief of the Metalbending police."

Hearing this, Kimma's trademark wicked smile crept across her face. Her lips moved softly as she whispered, "Now, I just love a good plan."

An eerie feeling captured the small town of Kekuatan as night turned to dawn. While the sun began to shine over the demolished village, those gathered in Brek's house and a few other locations prepared to join forces with the expected Isha Resistance and take back their home from the oppressive Earth Kingdom military. Executing a successful revolt while clearly outnumbered would be no simple task, but the brave men and women of this proud community weren't going to go down without a fight.

They were ready. They had been for weeks, and all they needed to begin their uprising was the Avatar to lead them.

"Are you prepared, my son?" Kupo looked down at his son with tears in his eyes.

Brek couldn't tell if his father was worried or proud, or perhaps a mixture of the two. He simply nodded and took a deep breath, as if it was the last time he would ever inhale.

The young master of three elements turned to see Berani and her father, Fong Lee, speaking with one another on the other side of the room. Fong Lee's mouth kept moving and Berani kept nodding. Eventually the two hugged, and Berani flung a quiver of arrows over her left shoulder, placed her dagger in a utility belt also equipped with five poison darts and five smoke-bomb pellets, and of course, sheathed her katana by her side.

"Are you sure you have enough weapons?" When Brek said this in jest, both laughed before embracing each other for another long, passionate kiss. When Brek pulled away, Berani pulled him back in. The couple shared a few more seconds together before she whispered, "I just don't want to lose you."

"You won't," Brek assured. "Nobody is going to lose anyone!" Brek announced this to the entire room, which became filled with cheers.

"Does that include my nephew?" It was Kaeta's aunt, Kani, who stepped up to create a painfully silent moment.

"I'm sure Kaeta is alright." At that point, Brek thought it was odd that as Avatar, his most difficult responsibility would turn out to be keeping everyone emotionally stable. "He's in good hands," he added."

"And whose hands are those?" Inquired Kaeta's uncle, Kroopook.

"Only the Princess of the Fire Nation."

This seemed to satisfy the perturbed relatives of Brek's best friend. They nodded and Kroopook proceeded to fasten a machete laced with whale teeth to his robe. He then reached for his club but noticed that it was missing.

"Kani, have you seen my-"

"I'll handle the club," replied his wife calmly.

"Then I get the bladed boomerang."

"I get the spear."


"Fine. Take the net."

"No, wait! I want the-"

"To late."

"You didn't even know what I was gonna-"

"Grow up."

Kupo walked over to his friends, shaking his head and chuckling. "Are we ready?"

Kroopook nodded. "It's been a while since we've done something like this."

They were joined by Fong Lee who was holding two glowing sticks.

"What on Earth are those?" Kani gasped. The others stared at the contraptions, perplexed.

"These, my friends, are electrified kali sticks. My grandfather invented them. He passed them on to my father who gave them to me, though I never was able to figure out what they were invented for."

"What's that thing on your back?" Kroopook rubbed his chin suspiciously as he glared at the peculiar machine.

"This piece of junk is the generator. I hope I don't get hit in the back."

Kaeta and Zola had fallen asleep in the innkeeper's living room, Zola's head on Kaeta's shoulders. The poor sky bison they had borrowed spent the night in a cold wooden shack. As the young Waterbender awoke, his eyes slowly focused on the charismatic old man siting across from him, his eyes a mile wide with curiosity.

"Can I help you, Grandpa?" he asked, trying to sound polite- he failed.

"Well, you and your friend came here at night. In the blizzard. Here. On a sky bison... Why?"

Kaeta sighed and mulled over the idea of telling the sweet old man the truth. "Grandpa, how badly do you miss my mom?"

The elderly gentlemen looked down at the ground defeated. "More than you could ever know."

"Well, this team that umm... she's a part of. They have this guy... and whenever they kill a non-bender, he can- bring them back. As a bender on their side."

The man said nothing. He wanted to hear more.

"I saw my parents with them. But I don't understand. Weren't they benders?"

After a long pause that felt like an eternity, Kaeta's grandfather responded, "No, you get your abilities from me. Your parents were not benders."

"Do you know anything else about Kimma?"

"Only that she despises non-benders, or as she calls them... what did she call them that night?"

"Was it Cha Jin De?"

The man nodded. "Yes, I believe so."

Hearing this Kaeta became filled with rage. With a roar, he threw his arms back, destroying a vase with a blast of water. His grandfather didn't mind. He simply continued with his train of thought. "She also said she hates Republic City."

"Republic City?" Zola cut in for the first time. "I've been there before with my family. It's amazing there. How could anyone not like it?" The other two shrugged.

"No one could ever try to decipher Kimma's thoughts," noted Kaeta, "but this might be a clue as to where the Isha are headed next."

"I'm coming with you!" The fire in the old man's eyes was a clear indicator that he wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Listen up everyone." Brek was speaking loud and clear. "Once the military sees a mass of people carrying weapons, they won't hesitate to attack, so we'll have to move with stealth despite our large number. The Isha Resistance shares our opposition to the Earth King's oppressive rule and they'll be joining us at our harbor. My father has more information." The Avatar turned to Kupo.

"Thank you, Brek. The Isha Resistance, which has promised us their support, will be arriving in no more than ten minutes. I have no doubt in my mind that the military has ships blocking anyone from coming to our harbor, so they'll need our support out in the lake. That's why a special task force comprised of myself, Brek, Berani, Fong Lee, Kroopook, and Kani will steal the military's jet-skies and ensure that our allies make it to our village safely. The rest of you will go now to your assigned locations and wait for the signal to strike. Any questions?" He paused and looked around the crowd of about 120 people. "Good. From this moment on I want complete silence until we sound the battle cry." Without further notice Kupo raised his arm with his hand open and made a fist signaling everyone to get into position.

"Dad," Brek whispered.

"What did I just say about silence?" Kupo snapped in a hushed tone.

"I know Dad. Just hear me out... I think the Isha Resistance are teaming up with us for a reason other than supporting Democracy. They are the Isha Resistance, not the Monarchy Resistance."

"Go on."

"What did the military do with the majority of benders who revolted?"

"They captured them."

"What about the non-benders?"

"They... they either killed them on the spot or sent them to a mass-grave to be killed."

Brek made a face that read "See?" and Kupo pondered for a moment.

"It seems as if the Earth Kingdom military has two motives: to quash Democracy and kill non-benders..."

"And that's why the Isha Resistance is helping us."

"Either way," Kupo paused, "It's time to take these sons-of-bitches out. Let's move."

The team of six was only three blocks away from where the military kept their jet-skies in case anyone tried to either leave or enter the village by way of the lake. The machines were kept on a private dock closed in by a fence. Guarding it were four men dressed as Earthbending soldiers and two non-bending men on ostrich-horses. Brek found that sight odd, What is the Earth King going to do with his non-bending soldiers? The only answer he could think of was slaughtering them when they were no longer useful. Not if I slaughter them first. He glanced to his left and watched his father commence the team's attack plan with a series of hand motions, signaling Kani and Krooprook to go left, Fong Lee to flank right, and Brek and Berani to prepare to charge down the middle. Everyone immediately sprung to their orders as Kupo scaled a building with his majestic Earthbending prowess. Once on the roof, he swiftly made his way down the street along a line of houses and stores. Finally, he crouched behind a chimney and carefully levitated a rock; he lobed across the road, passed the guarded fence and into a secluded, bushy area. This created a noise that drew the attention of an Earthbending soldier who brought one of the two ostrich-horsemen with him to investigate.

Once in the secluded area, the two soldiers cautiously examined their surroundings for suspicious activity. Suddenly, some object came out of nowhere and cut of the tip of the ostrich-horseman's spear then spun around and flew in the other direction to be caught by Krooprook. Before the Earthbending guard could process what was happening a spear pierced through the side of his neck, and he fell to his knees, then to the ground. As Kani went to retrieve her weapon she had to dodge a head-butt from the ostrich-horse and clobber its with her club. Its rider scrambled to reach for his horn but Kroopook leapt up from behind him and slit his throat. The Water Tribe native then attempted to apprehend the startled creature with his net, but he couldn't prevent the animal from letting out an ear-piercing squawk.

Hearing the beast's cry from their positions, Brek and Berani knew it was time to attack. They charged down the road leading to the remaining guards and the jet-skies, and Brek sprung forward, sending a mighty blast of fire down the rest of the street. The flames roasted one of the Earthbenders, but the other two managed to form a barricade to protect both themselves and the remaining ostrich-horseman. When the conflagration subsided, the non-bending soldier was promptly greeted by Berani and her katana. The Avatar's girlfriend swung hard with her ancient sword, but the defender briskly raised a shield to hold of her blade. After a second's struggle, he decided to come at his assaulter with his spear, which she blocked with her own wrist shield but was knocked off her feet. Panicked, she reached into one of the compartments on her belt and seized a smoke-bomb pellet before hurling it at the ground in front of her. Instantly, the area was pitch black with smoke.

Berani used this opportunity to slice the ostrich-horse's front with her katana, and she heard it fall back to the dirt. Sill unable to see, she dashed forward, dagger in hand, but she tripped over the dying animal and fell hard on top of the soldier. It only took a quick assessment to realize that she had impaled his chest.

"Berani!" Brek called for her out of concern before he used Airbending to clear the area of smoke. Seeing that she was okay, he proceeded to smash an oncoming boulder with his forehead and retaliated with a fireball to his enemy's face. He spun in the direction of his last target, but before either of them could move, the soldier was filled with a powerful jolt of electricity, and he howled in pain before falling dead to the floor. Behind the corpse stood Fung Lee with his special kali sticks.

There was no time for celebration, as two reinforcements from the military had arrived at the scene. Both were women in full metal armor. Simultaneously, they thrusted their arms forward and a barrage of metal wires sped at the Avatar and his allies. They were stopped short by a moving wall of rock that apparently had been produced by Kupo who then joined his son and friends. Brek took no time to jump over the wall and create a small tornado that inhaled the two female soldiers, swung them in circles, and spit them out into the fence, which turned out be electrified. The fence fried them both on impact.

In a rash move that no thinking man would attempt, Fong Lee found the fence's power box, kicked it open, took a few steps back, and flung one of his electrified kali sticks straight at the wires inside. Instantly, the box exploded and made a booming noise that could be heard anywhere in Kekuatan. Kupo and Brek knew what they had to do; they combined their strength to smash through the fence with an Earth wave. The father and son then approached the jet-skies, followed by the four others.

Brek's voice was clear when he said, "Let's take these for a spin."


  • It is revealed here that Fong Lee's grandfather was Lieutenant and that is how he came to possess electrified kali sticks.
  • This is the first chapter in which any character swears.
  • This is also the first chapter in which Omashu Rocks gave in to using technology more advanced than what was in A:TLA.
  • Warning: DO NOT attempt to neutralize an electric fence by attacking the power box with electric kali sticks. It WILL NOT work.

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