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Nanami is the main character of Taking Down the Dai Li.

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She will not hesitate to destroy anyone associated with the Dai Li. Due to the group capturing her stepmother and stepfather, who she loved as her own parents. She is trying to find answers as to were her are stepparents. After they are free, maybe find out who her real parents are, maybe...


Nanami knows she was adopted, but doesn't know when or why. Her only knowledge on the subject is Kanto, her stepfather, and Jade, her stepmother found her on a vacation taken care of by Hagiming, an elderly non bending woman at the Northern Water Tribe. Nanami was adopted at 5 months.

She has no items that parents left with her. She was a very caring child and wanted nothing more than for animals and people to get along, she refused to hurt anyone. Nanami's childhood was close to perfect, she didn't have a care in the world, and the War was only murmur that her parents would speak of rarely.

When Nanami was eight Kanto went off the fight the Fire Nation. This made her finally understand the danger and severity of the war it was not only talk now. Nanami and Jade missed him terribly. But, they trusted him to come back home, he promised them. Two years later he came back with third degree burns on this right arm. Handicapped, Kanto could not properly execute movement with his right arm.

To find better work the family of three moved to the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se. Soon enough Kanto and Jade spoke of the war troubles, constantly. And the two were captured by the Dai Li never to be seen again.

After the tragedy

With a rather large amount of cash Nanami was able to go to school. At fourteen she graduated, unfortunately the funds left by Kanto and Jade was running low. So instead she served tea at a sketchy Tavern never to come back to school. With the spare money she got from working at the tavern Nanami bought second hand advanced high school text books to ensure she received the same education she would have gotten.

For more than a year, Nanami meet some of the best warriors in the Earth Kingdom. Observing their techniques she decided to teach herself the similar moves, but using water bending as a substitution. In the process Nanami created and master the art of Organbending by studying the inner organs of a human from her textbooks. This where the first step of her plan to get revenge.

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