Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Taking Down the Dai Li in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Dai Li defends Kuei
Taking Down the Dai Li
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It's been a year and a half now since Avatar Aang "restored peace" all three nations were in perfect harmony, everything was happy and bright.

Yeah right.

It seems to me like Avatar Aang forgot a few things to fix up in the world. He forgot about the Dai Li. Maybe they went under the radar, but they're thriving under that disgusting Lake, Earth Kingdom civilians know, but they think the Avatar will save them if anything bad happens. How naïve, we're the ones saving their sorry butts.

When I was eight my stepfather, Kanto, went off to war in the Fire Nation. He came back with a burned arm. I was ten when he came back. We all went to Ba Sing Se. My stepmother Jade, Kanto, and I, they wanted to start a new life, I suppose.

Jade would cook daily after designing extravagant robes for the high society women. While Kanto worked at Ba Sing Se University. Unfortunately, they were never notified that the War was forbidden to speak of. After only a quick 10 months a few mentions of the war slipped through my father's mouth.

My mother was caught in the act to, while measuring the plump women, she made small talk about The War. Of course those blabber mouths told. Eventually the word spread to the Dai Li, my parents were taken during supper, I remember we were about to have Jade's famous Egg Custard tart.

The last time I saw Kanto and Jade...They were in chains so the neighbors wouldn't hear anything. I found out I could Waterbend that day also. But all I managed to do was to make an agent trip. I was about to turn eleven. I couldn't do anything. I was weak. I had the only "family" I knew taken away from me.

"Nanami, always know that everything we did was to protect you!" After that they threw Jade in a cart with Kanto mouthing Goodbye, I love you. Then their mouths were tied so the neighbors couldn't hear them. An Ostrich Horse drew them away, never to be seen again.

But no, everything is fine, the Avatar is back, everything is good again! Not like there are thousands of people lost, abandoned, with the home they knew burnt to ashes.

The Avatar will save us, The Avatar will restore peace. The Dai Li will protect us. Ba Sing Se is safe. Why do we tell lies to ourselves?

Me? I was born in the Northern Water Tribe, I only know that because I'm a Waterbender, to be more precise, an Organbender, that's why the agency loves me, I've been training to be an assassin since I was eleven. And now I can kill a 300-pound man in seconds. I bring down a majority of the Dai Li agents. And I'm the first woman to be a part of "The Agency".

My own personal oath is to kill each and every person involved with the Dai Li, and on the way, I'm going to find my stepparents. After they are free, maybe find out who my real parents are, maybe...

Author Commentary

Yup here's my new fanon, It's the first one I've ever made! This is getting me warmed up for my next Fanon about Mai. Hope you like the introduction :D Chapters coming soon. Ty Lee spriteTyLeeFan421

Here's Nanami's History.

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