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Taketoki is the main protagonist and title character of The Merry Adventures of Taketoki. He is a founding member of Team Trickster (despite the fact only two out of the five members are tricksters) and is an inhabitant of the Fire Nation.


Not much is known about Taketoki's early life or if he even truly did what was described in the historical records. What is known is that he was the son of a farmer and that he became a trickster at the age of seven. The events surrounding his first trick is unknown but some sources say that it was switching the swords in a barracks with umbrellas covered in blasting jelly.

Whether or not the sources on his first trick are accurate, Taketoki went on for many years as a trickster. His most notable bunch of tricks were at a town under the leadership of a tightfisted, cowardly official named Washizu.

Some of these records had been dramatized and are popular with acting troupes and audiences. Some things are exaggerated however, with Taketoki being portrayed as a type of trickster spirit who played tricks for fun when he was a mortal being who played tricks for the sake of bringing happiness to towns who were run by villainous officials.

Personal Life

Not much is known of Taketoki's personal life. What is known is that he had strong friendships with fellow trickster Miki, his cousin Kuniharu and fellow member of Team Trickster Tsuzuki.

Besides his friendships, he had a romance with a young lady named Asaji. The two got married when they were twenty-two years old and would remain married until Taketoki's unfortunate death at the age of forty-six.

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