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健 相良
Takeshi Sagara
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Setsuna, Kaon, Rokuro, Jinno, Okiku, Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Taro Ryuzaki


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Takeshi is the main protagonist of the fanon story Avatar: The Legacy of Fire and a minor character in Rebellion: Final Hope. He is a 13-year-old boy who is highly skilled in Firebending and hand-to-hand combat and has a sense of compassion. He lives with his grandfather after the death of his mother and practices Firebending everyday and develops a self-esteem. He lives a normal life until he finds his house wrecked from the inside, and his grandfather missing. Later, he finds the puzzle box his mother gave him and manages to open it. When he opens the opens the box, he finds a crystal shard of a mystical artifact called the Phoenix Orb. He decides to travel across the Fire Nation with his friends to find the other pieces and his grandfather.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Takeshi was born in the Sakaki Village. His father left him when he was 3 years old, and his mother was the only parent he had since that time. When Takeshi was 5 years old, he loved the art and beauty of Firebending and he wanted to learn that technique, so he enrolled in a Firebending academy to start practicing. It was not easy at first, but Takeshi quickly learned the first step within 3 months. His mother wanted him to learned how to master the katana under the tutelage of her old sword master, Obata, so she took him to his dojo. With his mom's support, Takeshi learned his first step in 1 week.

The Death of Takeshi's mother Edit

One night, a group of mercenaries sent by The Black Scorchers busted into his house and interrogated his mother. When she refused to talk, the cruel mercenaries killed her right in front of Takeshi's very eyes. The group left Takeshi's house burning and Takeshi dragged his dying mother out of the house as fast as he could. His mom reached out for a small puzzle box and handed it to Takeshi. She tells him to be safe, and she dies. Takeshi was left crying in grief. Sad and alone, Takeshi was placed under the care of his grandfather Rokuro.

Joining the Rebellion Edit

Three years later, Takeshi traveled to Ba Sing Se with his grandfather after the Fire Nation took control of the city. After they arrived, Takeshi was angry with his own nation for conquering the Earth Kingdom, so he went out to see what the Fire Nation had done. The next day, he got separated from his Grandfather in a riot that was started by a group of rebels who are being outlawed by Fire Nation troops. Takeshi follows the rebels to their hidden base and was discovered by one of the rebels, so they take him to their leaders, Mogra and Sazuki. They found out that Takeshi is from the Fire Nation and decided to put him in custody. Mogra and Sazuki had a long private discussion with the rebels about what to do with Takushi. A rebel named Kenji suggested that Takeshi must be killed believing that he is a spy, but Mogra strictly forbid it, thinking that Kenji was just a "lunatic". Sazuki decided that Takeshi should fight with them, believing that need a Firebender in order to win the war. Mogra agrees with him because he sees that Takeshi is very unique and full of hope.

Battle of the Rebellion Bunker Edit

After the debate, the rebels proceeded to plan a sneak attack on a Fire Nation Base. However, their plan backfired when the Fire Nation found their secret bunker while the rebels slept.

Adjusting in Lake Laogai Edit

Training with Mogra Edit

Mogra showed great desire in helping Takeshi, and one day woke him up before dawn, and told him to get dressed and come with him. In the earliest morning, Mogra was teaching Takeshi the ways of stealth. He also taught him how fight with his hands, not always with Firebending.

Battle for Ba Sing Se and Death of Sazuki Edit

Last Three Weeks Edit

Arrival of Sozin's Comet Edit

After the Rebellion was disbanded, Takeshi and his grandfather returned to the Fire Nation to await Ozai's defeat. He went his sensei's dojo to say hello to him.

After the War Edit

Phoenix Saga Edit

Personality Edit

Takeshi is very mature for his age. He used to be a free-spirited and fun-loving person, until his mother's death traumatized him. He is vigilant and he stands his grounds whenever he confronts his enemies. Despite Takeshi's brutal act, he is able to maintain self-control. Takeshi does not like to kill people, he would only kill if he chooses to. He prefers to use his skills to defend the innocent from those who want to enslave. Takeshi does not feel intimidation when someone threatens him and bullies him, since he knows how to retaliate. He has a deep crush on Setsuna and sometimes feels shy around her. During the war Takeshi had no respect for Fire Lord Ozai, his family did not respect Ozai or his forefathers who were involved in the war. Takeshi was taught not to respect Ozai and so he pretended to respect him, thus he was able to resist the mind-molding process. He sees his own country as a "joke", meaning that he is an anti-patriot.

Abilities Edit

Firebending Edit

Takeshi comes from a bloodline of Firebenders and grew fond of Firebending ever since he learned about his family origins and the dragons. He practiced Firebending everyday tirelessly without stopping.

Character Influence Edit

Takeshi is heavily inspired by DC Comics superhero Batman, the only difference is that Takeshi does not wear a costume. However, the creator is having thoughts about the character wearing ninja clothing. The similarity that Takeshi shares with Batman is that he takes justice into his own hands, even if it is against the law. Takeshi's use of brutal fighting methods is a reference to Rorschach, a costumed vigilante from Watchmen. The creator wanted Takeshi to be like a male version of Saya from Blood: The Last Vampire in some way.

Trivia Edit

  • Takeshi's last name Sagara comes from the character named Sanosuke Sagara from the anime Rurouni Kenshin.
  • Takeshi's past is quite similar to Batman's past. Both characters lost their parents when they were 8 years old, except Takeshi only lost his mother. His past is more like Katara's because she also lost her mother.

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