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The Sages Apprentice

Takeo or Avatar Takeo , often simply referred to as Tak is the main protagonist of Avatar: Legend Of Fire and the new Avatar hailing from the Fire Nation. He was born and raised in a Fire Nation temple in the capital city and is known there as the biggest klutz and failure of the whole Temple, he is an Apprentice Sage, who wants to become a sage like his father and grandfather. The choice is not much his as the sheer fact that it's supposed to be tradition that someone from such a long line of sages becomes one as well.

He himself wants to see the world outside of the temple and the Fire Nation though has never been as far a block from the temple. He is very shy, friendly and a massive klutz, hot headed at times when there is no need to be, he is usually if not always the butt of the joke. He is the predecessor of Avatar Yangchen.



Born in 550 BG, Takeo's mother diedgiving birth to him and his father had died a few months before she even went into labor. He was going to be placed into an orphanage until Zhin Tsu took him to the Fire Temple, where he was raised from there. All of the men from his father's side had been sages and with that kind of legacy to hold up, Takeo was constantly told that he has to become sage. Having no real choice, he lived and trained in the temple his whole life. Due to his advanced firebending abilities and praise from teachers, he quickly was without peer and the others resented him for it, called a prodigy from as early as he can remember, due to the social awkwardness that the temples kids pushed onto him he became a complete klutz. Quickly earning himself the title of the black sheep of the temple, he would constantly mess up and drop something or set something on fire by accident. Because of his shy nature and gentle spirit, he is constantly picked on by the other apprentices and constantly gets into trouble because of it. Although only a few knew, Takeo was the next reincarnation of the Avatar and because of that Zhin Tsu gave him slightly better treatment then the rest, which just infuriated others more. Growing up in an environment with basically no friends except his master, with whom he had grown very close to over the years, he became very isolated and lonely. He was told of his Avatar status in 534 BG, on his sixteenth birthday. He was told a year earlier due to the impending war with the Earth Kingdom that he needs to stop as soon as possible. Thought at first thrown off by such news, he soon left the temple to travel the world and master the three remaining elements.


Takeo is very shy, fun loving and adventurous. He is often friendly towards those that are kind to him, but is very awkward in many social situations. He is hot headed at times and headstrong, he rushes into things without thinking them through and sometimes has too much confidence in his bending abilities. He is very loyal to those he cares about and will do anything to protect them or save them. He's very heroic in general as well. Nearly to an idiotic extent he'll try to help everyone and everything that he thinks needs it, sometimes forgetting his own mission to do so. Despite many of those aspects, he is quite smart and capable of taking care of himself. He's a fast learner, capable of learning something just hearing it or seeing it once or twice. He's a very skilled strategist, as demonstrated in his many duels with Zhin Tsu at Pai Sho and is often capable of devising incredibly complex battle plans if needed.

Takeo being his usual self

However, he's not very aggressive towards people that intimidate him and because of that he more often then not will lose his battles. That however, does not reflect on his bending ability, in which he was called a prodigy numerous times. He's also very good with animals and is capable of appreciating what he has. He's very pessimistic, often looking on the bad side of things and disliking the choices that he has to make as an Avatar. He's believes he's far from ready for such a responsibility. However, he is very curious and wants to see the world beyond the Fire Nation, something which spurred him into taking the Avatar journey. When angered however, Takeo can do anything in revenge, even if just pranked by someone he'll usually go to drastic measures to make sure his prank is up to standards. He also can often be overly cheerful over something.



Takeo is exceptionally skilled at firebending, already at such a young age he is capable of taking on masters of this art. He often spars with Zhin Tsu and often it either ends in a draw or a lucky win for the elder. His bending prowess is so great that he outclasses his peers by a landslide and purposely holds himself back as to not discourage the other students, as Tsu explained to him. He can overpower several benders at once and can conduct very powerful streams of fire and send very large fireballs. He is also considered one of the few people to bend fire from its true source, which he was taught by Zhin Tsu. He's usually very concentrated and calm when firebending in a battle.

Other skills

He's very lean, fast and agile, often at times making him look like a monk than a firebender. He is quite skilled at Pai Sho, playing with his master for hours at a day and usually winning, a sign of his great strategic mind. Among other skills he is great at making tea, another thing he learned from his master, he enjoys learning new things and quite often learns things much faster than others would.


The Avatar also has the capacity to act as a medium, a bridge between mortal world and the Spirit World, the plane of existence where the universe's disembodied spirits dwell. Through inducing a deep meditative state, Takeo can separate from his body and travel the physical world's astral plane in astral form, or, with the help of a gateway, travel completely to the Spirit World. Once in the Spirit World, Takeo can travel freely and communicate with beings such as previous Avatars and other spirits


  • Takeo's name is spelt as 武雄 which translates into "warrior, brave" which is rather ironic given his personality

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