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I just want to send a quick apology over the delay, to all of my faithful readers. School started, and it's been annoying to readjust. Anyways, that shouldn't be happening anymore, so without any further ado: Taken. (Please, remember to leave reviews. Each one helps with the plot. And often I create whole new plots from them) -- avatar (Talk)



"I...don't know what to say...about this...we have to thank Mian for what he did," said Kai.

It was the morning after Mian's heroic defense at Siam Valley. After he had wiped out the majority of the soldiers, the Omashu Troopers established dominance, and took the rest as prisoners. Kai had ordered camp to be set up at Kaze Hill, as casualties were counted and mourned for.

"Yeah, we really owe the guy..." said Sky, he was the only one of them all, without a scar or another injury due to his decision to command his men to fire arrows rather than directly engage.

"Anyways, what was up with you?!" Burst out Hai "You didn't obey orders; you didn't come down, as you should have..."

"Hai, if he did, they would have all died as well. Sky saved many lives and it was genius to use the archery equipment." Stressed Mizu, he was beginning to lose faith in the "leader of the army".

"Hai, we have to go...and treat our wounded. And also...has anyone noticed...where's Mian? Where's the Avatar?" Asked Kai, leaving the tent


"What do you mean...we can't find him? He's the Avatar!" Yelled Kai. It was now mid-afternoon and the sun was shining over the red valley. There had been no word of the Avatar, and he had ordered scouts to be on the lookout for the young man.

"Your Majesty! We have reports...this soldier says he saw the Avatar..." Yelled a soldier, followed by a man in crutches. Kai gestured for him to speak, and with a slight bow, he did.

"Your Majesty, I saw the was not too long after he had collapsed from the Avatar State. I, myself, had been fighting in the area and was going to save him. However, sire, he was taken. Taken by a muscled man, in a red uniform, dissimilar from the Islander's. I pretended to be dead, while he moved to take the Avatar, he mumbled something about...taking the Avatar to a safe house..across the old mining village...I tried to save him, but the man knocked me out, sir."

Kai nodded quickly, this man had given him more information than he had gained in hours. He organized a scouting party and told them to search mining villages on the other side of the channel. Luckily, there weren't too many over there. With a final look at the battlefield, he prepared his men and the remaining members of Team Strike to leave for Omashu.

Seven Days Later

"Your majesty, we have scouts, who believe they have tracked down the Avatar..." Yelled a Guard

"Well, let him in..." Gestured Kai, it had been days since the battle, and Team Strike was getting worried.

"Sire," said a young man in his 20s, as he entered and with a quick bow began his report.

"Sire, I have found the location of the Avatar. He is none other than in the Harukia. A near-abandoned mining village from the days of the Great War. In fact, sire, it is where..."

"My grandfather...Haru was born." Finished Kai, and with a quick nod towards the scout, he left the Palace for Team Strike's Apartment.

"Well, there's some good news. We know where Mian is!" Said Kai, entering the living room of the fairly decent and temporary abode of Team Strike.

"That's great!" Exclaimed Tia, with an annoyed look from Hai, who left the room

Mizu walked up to Kai, and questioned him over what happened, to which Kai explained.

"Great! Let's head out immediately!" Mizu exclaimed

"No, Mizu, I need you here...there are chances of another force attacking, we are getting reports of a possible second force, I need you in case it happens. The rest may go."

"Kai, this is my little brother...I have to help him! He's been kidnapped, for the spirit's sake!"

"Do you think I don't realize that? I've had men searching for him for days! Now, everyone else is more than capable of rescuing Mian, from whoever this enemy may be. They're trained warriors. But Mizu, you're a trained leader. I need you here."

Mizu looked around the apartment and to the faces of Team Strike, who had grouped in the room. Zura put a hand and on his shoulder, and with a firm nod, "Despite the obvious insults at our leadership..." and with a quick glare at Kai who only smiled meekly and moved his hands in a gesture of sorry "Kai's right. You're better at military leadership, and we can handle it."

Mizu looked around, to see if anyone objected, hoping almost...but there was none. He sighed and nodded towards Kai. Kai quickly nodded and gestured for the others to follow. They had some planning to do.

Old Friend

Mian looked up from the small and old prison cell. He ate the remnants of his stale loaf of bread and looked around the old single-cell police station. He could hear footsteps outside the small building, and watched as his captor, Jeong entered with a smirk.

"Well, boy, looks like I'm not killing you. Governor wants you alive, turn him in, and I'm promised a high-ranking position!"

Mian smirked "Sure, Jeong? He might betray can never trust friends...or anyone for that matter."

Jeong seemed angry at the young Avatar, but rather smiled. "I'm getting a reward for you...that's why...I'm not going to kill you." As though reassuring himself, he left the small building.

Mian looked around, and sighed, it had been a week. His friends were gone...He knew they weren't far...why hadn't they come after him? With a sigh, he focused and meditated.

The Air in front of him shimmered. A man in his 20s in Air Nomad clothes, seemed to appear, but it was very faint.

"Yes, Avatar? What is it?" said the Air Nomad

"Lord Orion. You spoke of leaving the body...and the gate of life?"

"I regret telling you about them...already, are you sure?"


Sealed Pot

Chaos was sealed away in an old pot..

"Don't you want to hear of...something enemy...Chaos or his reapers? Anything to dissuade you from this path, for I warn you, it is not the safest."

Mian looked up despite he didn't recognize the name. "Fine. Tell me, be brief, my mind is made..."

"Alright then. Chaos, Spirit of the Darkness, wants to rule the world blah blah blah; I won't bore you with the details. I defeated him, and exiled him to another dimension. He vowed to come back...and he did so by hosting and controlling humans, which all spirits can do. However he picks humans gifted in the dark arts. These humans...are called reapers. However, after several losses, we captured him and sealed him away in an old pot, so he would be under our nose. However, occasionally the seal weakens..and he releases. They are also stronger at night, and so on. Just like how you would be better at air bending...due to me being the Spirit of the Heavens, Air and Storms. You know I could give you some tips...if you want to try..?"

"No, Lord Orion. Thanks for the anecdote, and attempt to change my mind, mind is still made. Let us begin..." Orion sighed and nodded. Both of them sat in the meditative pose, and focused.

Raiku's Wild Ride

"Listen, Raiku, I don't know about this...why do we need to go to the Islands? More importantly, why do I?" Complained Hoshizu

He and Raiku had been on an airship for the Phoenix Islands for the last several hours, and Hoshizu was asaking the same question for the 20th time.

"Listen, Hoshizu. I have matters with there. And your purpose shall be revealed once we arrive."

"Why do you always talk like that? What are you, a fortune cookie?" Asked Hoshizu

Raiku chuckled, which soon turned into coughing. For the first time in a while, Hoshizu realized how old he was. Raiku instead simply smiled, and went to the helm of the ship, where the captain and his deputy were navigating. Hoshizu confused, simply followed.

"Where are we gentlemen?" Asked Raiku, innocently, gesturing to a map on the wall.

The Deputy looked up and pointed to a location on the map. Raiku peered closer, and nodded. He closed his eyes briefly, focused, and turned around. In a blast that only the most experienced could have deflected he had knocked out the Captain and his Deputy. Hoshizu looked on in confusion and fear.

Airship captain firebends

Raiku attacks the Airship Captain

Raiku simply pushed the two, who were now slumped over the controls, men onto the ground. The Ship suddenly veered to the right, as it had no driver. Raiku took control of the steering wheel, and made a steep turn.

"Raiku, may I ask...what ARE you doing?" Asked Hoshizu with a dangerously befuddled look in his eyes.

"Hoshizu, take a break, Relax. We have a more important destination right now. I know what kind of a person you really are Hoshi. You're not that kind of a person, not the one you're pretending to be. I think it's time you join us."

"Join who?" Asked Hoshizu, exasperated, he was getting tired of the questions.

"Never mind that, just relax," said Raiku gesturing towards the cabin.

"Ummm...okay? Fine. Just wake me up when we get there," said Hoshizu, heading for his bed, he was hoping this would all be a dream.

Raiku nodded, and checked the map again. If what he had heard from that stupid governor was right, he had to make a stop near Omashu. A little town called Harukia.


  • Originally, Mian was only supposed to have been gone for 3 days, but a week sounded more realistic.
  • Orion's not an Airbender (as you may have guessed by now)
  • This is a largely filler, but yet key chapter, as it reminds us some of our old friends.
  • Remember the names of the spirits. They're not going anywhere, just yet.

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