By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Tails Doll
Tails Doll
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"Titans Return"

Tails Doll is an wannabe member life form of the S.C.P created by Siya. Like Porygon-Z, it was Siya's first attempt on making life, yet didn't end so well. It is also under control of Slenderman ever since Kyd Wykkyd had run away from the S.C.P.. Despite its appearance, Tails Doll is a bit more complicated to work properly. The main source of power was the antenna attached to its head, which was empowered by an Azarath gem Slenderman picked up from Trigon, Raven's demon lord father. This gem gave Tails Doll a much better reception and can get it to find any location within a 20-mile radius.


It first appears when Siya finds it during a robbery and takes it back to the H.I.V.E base. He was admiring the doll for a bit before Gizmo grabs it. It came to life at this point, grabs Gizmo and flies off back to Porygon-Z's location, back at the museum. When it does get there, it meets up with Porygon-Z and helps it to trap Raven, Jinx and Kyd Wykkyd. When Slenderman arrived, it was sent back to the S.C.P Foundation with Porygon-Z.

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