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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple


Book 2: Struggle.



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June 9 ,2012

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Ba Sing Se

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In the Sea

Previously on Ganto's adventures...

"Look the great wall of Ba Sing Se!" Teo exclaimed happily.....

"My mother..."Said Ganto.

"She died here..?!"Teo asked in shock......

"Are you sure you're fine with staying here?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm...fine," Ganto answered......

"Well for a six-year-old git and bit of amnesia, you have pretty good memory!"

"I know," he said while smiling

The story

It has been five months since Ganto arrived in Ba Sing Se, and now...He felt it was time to return in Republic City. He was brushing his bison. Meanwhile Teo was cleaning the house. Suddenly few Dai Li agents walked to him.

"Excuse me, you're Ganto, right?" Dai Li agents asked Ganto. He looked at them. "Yes, I'm Ganto."

"We heard, er..I mean..The Earth King heard you're leaving the city so he decided to get tickets on finest steamer in whole Earth Kingdom. The Taihano, it is the largest and most luxurious ship of all time. It will depart after two days, it will be the Maiden Voyage, don't miss it." Dai Li agents gave him the tickets and left. Ganto stayed there surprised and didn't know what to say. Teo came out and walked to him.

"Hey, is everything alright?" He asked. Ganto turned to him and showed the tickets. Teo gasped in amazement." W-where you got these?! These are 1st class tickets on Taihanos Maiden Voyage!!!"

Ganto was still in shock, but then he snapped out of it." The Dai Li gave these to me, they said Earth King heard we're leaving so decided to help us get back in Republic City." Teo jumped high in the air, he was really happy. "Oh My God! This the best what could ever happen to us!"

"Yeah...But I wonder where t..."Ganto couldn't even finish the sentence as Teo grabbed his hand and pulled him in the house." Let's pack everything!" Teo said as he started to pack his stuff into bags.

Two days later Ganto and Teo were on their way to port. They sat into Taxi and drived towards the port. Ganto took his notes and write in them: "I never thought I would step on board a ship, but now..I'm on my way to one. I'm one of the few lucky ones to travel on the R.M.S Taihano and I knew..That this will be a journey, I will never forget!" He stopped writing as they finally arrived in Ba Sing Se port. Ganto got out of the car and looked at the ship in amazement." Wow..!"

Teo get out of the car and his eyes widen as he looked at the big liner." Now that's something!" Some officers saw Ganto and Teo arriving with his friends and they walked to them." Good morning, Ganto and Teo!" They bowed.

"Good morning!" Ganto and Teo said and bowed. The officers took their bags. "Come this way," said the officers as walked towards 1st class entrance. Ganto and Teo followed them. They both looked at the ship with amazement and couldn't let their eyes off. Officers walked in the ship and Ganto, Teo followed them. As they get in their eyes widen for more as they saw the interior of the ship.

Some moments later, they ran on A deck promenade and waved their goodbye with thousands of other people. Ganto hang over the promenade and waved" Goodbye Ba Sing Se!" Many other people waved and they all were so happy. Teo turned to Ganto." I feel so sorry for them actually, they all go to Republic City to find a new home, a new start..But they don't know about the Equalists," he said.

Ganto looked at Teo. "I know, but...we better shouldn't talk about it right here." Ganto said, Teo nodded. "You're right." Then they both smiled and kept waving. The ships whistle blew loudly as the ship began to move forward. Ba Sing Se slowly disappeared behind them. People got back in their cabins and got ready for dinner. Ganto and Teo was still on promenade." What a nice breeze..." said Ganto.

Teo looked at Ganto." Yeah, why don't we get inside?" Ganto nodded. "Alright!" Ganto and Teo walked in the ship. Ganto and Teo walked in the Grand Staircase." This is a masterpiece!" Said Ganto.

"I know right!" Teo said and smiled, Ganto walked down to B deck, while Teo to C. "Bye, see you in the dinner!" They both said in the same time and laughed, Ganto walked to his cabin and walked on private Promenade, he breathed air and smiled. "This is the life," he said as sit down on chair and enjoyed the day.

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